Santa Cruz / Monterey

U.C. Santa Cruz Jewish Studies Program

History Department Location:201 Humanities 1, Mail to:1156 High St. Santa Cruz, CA 95064
(831) 459-3701 Fax: (831) 502-7287
Director Nathaniel Deutsch (831) 459-1924

Intellectually compelling, interdisciplinary program that offers students a broad range of courses in Jewish culture, especially literature, art, and history, as well as Jewish ethics, folk practices and philosophy.  Program focuses on the modern era, and explores the profound impact of modernization on traditional Jewish life and, concomitantly, the critical role played by Jews on the formation of modernity.

Courses encompass the range of modern Jewish studies, including Eastern European Jewish life, modern Jewish thought, contemporary Israel, the Holocaust and American Jewish culture, as well as modern Hebrew and Yiddish language and literature.  In addition to the core curriculum in modern Jewish culture, the program offers students a strong foundation in ancient and medieval Judaism, including the Hebrew Bible, rabbinic texts, Jewish mysticism, and medieval Jewish history and literature. Curriculum is enriched by conferences and lectures that bring Jewish studies scholars from throughout the world to campus.  Academic degree programs: B.A., major and minor.