Bay Area

Rabbi Laurie Matzkin

[email protected]

As a Conservative Rabbi based in the Silicon Valley, Rabbi Laurie’s mission is to support your Jewish Journey with mindful movement, creative ritual, and reflective study.


Rabbi Laurie offers her gifts to you and your family as you journey through life’s sweetnesses and struggles. With compassionate listening, non-judgmental understanding, and an accessible approach to Jewish tradition, Rabbi Laurie can help customize your lifecycle event to reflect your deepest values and visions. She has created ceremonies around birth (including weaning and pregnancy loss), B’nai Mitzvah (individual and group), funerals (including shiva and unveiling services), and weddings (including bridal circles, mikvah ceremonies and second marriages). Rabbi Laurie masterfully and creatively weaves ritual into life’s most intimate transitions.

Jewish Yoga:

Makom Yoga links mindful movement with Torah wisdom and personal reflection. Create space in the body by finding your place within Jewish wisdom. Rabbi Laurie leads alignment-based yoga classes for all ages, faith backgrounds and physical levels, and teaches at studios, schools, synagogues, conferences and retreats. Bring Makom Yoga to your community for a powerful group experience!

Study and Small Group Facilitation:

Whether in your living room with friends, in a synagogue social hall, or in a cafe after the kids are in bed, Rabbi Laurie brings Jewish texts and ideas to life in an accessible yet intellectually satisfying way. Always interactive, usually humorous, and often surprisingly poignant, a learning session with Rabbi Laurie will fill your heart, mind and soul.