San Francisco

Or Shalom Jewish Community

Or Shalom Jewish Community 625 Brotherhood Way San Francisco, CA 94132
(415) 469-5564
Lillian Markind (415) 469-5564

Or Shalom Jewish Community is San Francisco’s first and only Reconstructing Judaism congregation. We embrace Jewish tradition and values and encourage questioning and experimentation. Or Shalom honors spiritual growth through many paths: prayer, music, art, food, reading, studying, and working for social justice. Find your Jewish home at Or Shalom!

We celebrate and honor the diverse paths that have brought members home to Or Shalom.

Or Shalom brings the joy and collaborative beat of music to everything; starting and finishing most meetings, services, and classes with melodies or song.

Jewish, non-Jewish and “it’s complicated;” straight, gay and “it’s complicated;” single, married and “it’s complicated,” old and young and in-between. All are welcome (and that’s not complicated).

We began more than 25 years ago as a place where people could share their Jewish heritage with their children in a non-judgmental, egalitarian context. Today, our religious school is still central to our identity.

Or Shalom is committed to Tikkun Olam and has many active social action groups focusing on health care, interfaith relations, and environmental issues.

You are welcome to attend any service or holiday celebration we have; find a full list of activities on our calendar at