Miriam Tutman

Peninsula P.O. Box 60898 Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 714-6733 Fax: (831) 662-3636
Tutman Miriam (650) 714-6733

Why LifeCare:

Highly Experienced: 25 years of skilled nursing, case management, public health and care management experience serving adults, disabled and geriatric population (seniors, elderly) receiving in-facility and in-home care with many satisfied clients.

Personal Approach: We are not a large agency serving hundreds of clients. We are owner-operated and dedicated to each client. When you call us, you talk directly to a care manager who gives you personal support. We treat our clients very professionally and with compassion, which our clients appreciate.

Affordable Care Management: We offer lower rates than a large agency. This allows our clients to afford our ongoing support, which is highly beneficial for many clients.

Affordable Caregivers: We do not employ caregivers or profit on them. Instead, we identify and refer independent, professional care providers to clients who are using our care management services on an ongoing basis. These independent care providers tend to be more empowered and devoted to each client while charging lower rates than the caregivers employed by the agencies. This allows our clients to be decision makers regarding the caregivers they retain and also to save money. These savings could be significant, especially for clients needing prolonged and daily care.