Bay Area


1728 Allston Way Berkeley, CA 94703
(415) 789-7679
Executive director Judy Kunofsky (415) 789-7679
President Gerry Tenney (415) 789-7679

KlezCalifornia is a living resource that connects individuals and communities with Yiddish culture:

Major programs:

  • Cabarets by the Bay – Multi-performer cabarets.
  • Tam – Tastes of Yiddish Culture for Kids & Teens – presentations  at religious schools, day schools and day camps (and for adult groups, too).
  • Klezmer & Yiddish Singing Workshops.
  • Yiddish Conversation Salons for fluent speakers.
  • Digital communications – website, Bay Area-wide calendar of klezmer- and Yiddish-inspired events in free monthly e-newsletter, Facebook page and event pages.
  • Extensive listings of Bay Area Yiddish cultural resources on website, including where to learn Yiddish, klezmer bands to hire for weddings, bar/bas mitsveh parties
  • Fiscal sponsorship services for programs involving Jewish and related cultures.
  • Production and co-presentation services for many additional Tastes of Yiddish Culture, including musical and theatrical performances, lectures, sing-alongs, and dance parties.

Invites everyone who is even a bisl (a little bit) curious about Yiddish culture. No need to sing, speak Yiddish or be a musician. All ages and backgrounds participate, from all nine Bay Area counties and beyond.

Informing people about events throughout the Bay Area and beyond; producing events; linking people with teachers, bands, classes, and each other; teaching about Yiddish culture; supporting artists; building intergenerational community; and celebrating Yiddish culture.