Kehillah Jewish High School

Kehillah Jewish High School 3900 Fabian Way Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 213-9600 Fax: (650) 213-9601 [email protected]
Head of school Daisy Pellant, PhD
Director of admissions Robert Smith [email protected]

Kehillah provides a robust curriculum in computer science, the humanities, mathematics, sciences, visual and performing arts and world languages.  Hosts a supportive environment that enables students to enjoy a healthy balance of study, reflection, and social interaction. Provides six weekly open blocks, during which students can study and complete homework, socialize, meet with teachers or recharge.  Kehillah looks at Jewish history and tradition as a source of wisdom and values. Believes that the encounter with 3,000 years of Jewish civilization will help prepare graduates for the world beyond high school. 

Kehillah welcomes students from all backgrounds and understands that the Jewish tradition offers universal lessons for both teenagers and parents looking for a compass to help navigate the 21st century. The Jewish studies curriculum provides students an opportunity to develop tools for their own identity construction: to figure out who they are and who they want to be. 

The impressive, groundbreaking Laboratory for Engineering Arts facilitates innovative curriculum and engagement. Supports a hands-on learning experience for students in computer science and art programs.  Four-year computer science curriculum focuses on coding with modern software development tools, fabrication, creativity and problem solving.  At the end of their final year, seniors participate in Senior Internship Projects (SIPs), designed to give students a chance to apply their in-school learning to real world internships and service-learning projects.