Jewish Baby Network

Jewish Baby Network Palo Alto, CA
(650) 275-2215
Director Carol Booth (650) 275-2215
SF Program Director Alyssa Zagorie

Jewish Baby Network serves the Peninsula, in San Francisco, and Marin.  Supports expecting parents and families with at least one child from newborns through 36 months and welcomes everyone, including LGBTQ, single parent, interfaith and unaffiliated families. Connects families to one another and to the larger Jewish community through free events and resources. Offers free Jewish holiday celebrations and play groups that are baby-friendly and fun for the whole family. Provides a Jewish Birth Prep and Baby Naming Workshop for expecting parents and a Newborn Playgroup every four months in which parents and their newborns get to know each other and form lasting friendships. Participants are connected with those who have babies similar in age to their own and live near them. Jewish baby Network provides an online community and a website with many resources. Delivers complimentary Shalom Baby Bags with lots of gifts and useful items to all who sign up.