San Francisco

Growing Place Family Preschool & Parenting Center

1250 Quintara Street San Francisco, CA 94116
(415) 418-6863 [email protected]
Director Fern Eisenberg

Philosophy and curriculum are based on understanding the ways in which children learn, recognizing that each child develops at his or her individual pace. Learning has to be interactive and involve the whole child. Approach is referred to as “developmentally appropriate practices.” Program looks at the needs and developmental stages of children when planning environment, activities and routines. Young children learn about themselves and their world through everyday experiences.

Child‐directed emergent curriculum or project approach provides the overall framework. The center is committed to respecting, encouraging and supporting each child in an environment that invites children to observe, be active, make choices and experiment.

Program enables children to:  • Discover that they are competent and always loved • Develop creative and critical thinking skills • Expand their ability to recognize and express feelings appropriately • Develop the ability to resolve conflicts •Increase their ability for self‐regulation. • Build friendships with other children • Expand their imaginations and creativity • Explore and discover their world while experimenting with many different materials •  Develop their muscular coordination and physical skills • Experience the joys of Jewish heritage.