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Brit Shalom Celebrant List

773 Duncan St. San Francisco, CA 94131
(415) 647-2687 [email protected]
Doctor Mark David Reiss, M.D. (415) 647-2687 [email protected]

Brit shalom is a non-cutting naming ceremony that replaces brit milah (ritual circumcision) for newborn Jewish boys. It is not intended for boys who have previously been circumcised in a hospital. It can be similar to the naming ceremony traditionally used for baby girls. It may be performed by a rabbi, cantor or an experienced lay leader. If desired, celebrants can aid parents in creating or adapting their own ceremony from existing templates and models. The ceremony has also been termed alternative brit (or bris), brit ben, brit rechitzah (washing the feet of the baby), brit b’li milah (covenant without cutting), brit ha lev (covenant of the heart) and brit chayim (covenant of life). Not all of the celebrants listed are opposed to brit milah; however, they are all committed to providing service to families unwilling to circumcise their sons, by officiating at brit shalom ceremonies. This list is continually being updated. At current count 234 celebrants, mostly rabbis, are available in 40 states plus the District of Columbia, as well as Canada and many other countries. See for specific locations of celebrants/officiants.