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American Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Pacific Northwest Region 180 Grand Avenue, Suite 955 Oakland, CA 94612
(415) 299-8691 pacificnorthwest@afhu.org www.afhu.org
Development Assistant Christina Praseuth cpraseuth@afhu.org
Executive Director Tali Siegal tsiegal@afhu.org

Established in 1918, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel’s premier institution of higher learning and a worldwide leader in research and academia. Faculty and alumni claim eight Nobel Prizes and one Fields Medal. With seven academic faculties and 23,000 students from 90 countries, the university produces over one third of Israel’s civilian research and serves as an international hub for discovery and innovation.

American Friends of the Hebrew University is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing the Hebrew University with the resources needed to sustain the highest levels of educational excellence and research achievement.