East Bay

Augie’s Montréal Deli

875 Potter St Berkeley , CA 94710
(510) 984-0283 augiesmontrealsmokemeat@gmail.com augiesmontrealdeli.com

Canadian inspired restaurant specializing in authentic Montreal Smoke Meat sandwiches and Quebecois Poutine; along with a menu of delicious salads, sides, and local craft brews. Our authentic Montreal smoke (or smoked) meat is maple and spice cured, hand rubbed, smoked, and slow roasted beef brisket that is best described as having the rich delicious flavor of pastrami and the crumbly texture of corned beef. It’s a one-of- a-kind taste served hot on locally made Metropolis Bakery deli rye with yellow (or spicy) mustard, Uncles Famous garlic dill pickles with a kick, and a side of Zack’s Zesty coleslaw (you’ve got to get your veggies).