The Jewish traditions related to death and mourning are intended to recognize death as a part of life. Burial takes place as soon after death as possible. Traditional caskets are of plain wood, embalming and viewing of the body are shunned, and flowers are discouraged. Rabbis should be consulted for specific questions about burial and mourning practices such as the observance of shiva, recitation of the Kaddish, yahrzeit observance and attending yizkor services. Funeral homes and chevra kadishas (burial societies) can also answer questions.


East Bay
North Bay

B’nai Israel Cemetery

Oldest Jewish cemetery in Sonoma County dating back to 1868. Includes an interfaith section; call for details.
B'nai Israel Cemetery Petaluma, CA
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Northern California
San Francisco
South Bay

Gan Emet Cemetery

Newly expanded and landscaped cemetery serving the needs of the South Bay Jewish community. Unaffiliated welcome. Single/double-depth burials, cremation options. Natural setting.
Congregation Emeth/Emeth Gardens Gilroy, CA
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Santa Cruz




San Francisco
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