Educational Resources

East Bay

BimBam (formerly G-dcast)

This community supported, 501(c)(3) new media studio creates digital content to raise Jewish literacy and provide opportunities, from childhood through adulthood, to use Jewish values, customs and rituals as a blueprint for bettering the world.
Oakland, CA
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Bay Area

Jewish LearningWorks

Community agency for Jewish education changing the way that Jewish learning works, with programs, resources and partnerships that reach deep into the Bay Area Jewish community, delivering state-of-the-art professional development and educational resources to educators, engagement opportunities for families, and library services for book lovers.
San Francisco, CA
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Moving Traditions

Inspiring Jewish teens to openly explore fundamental questions of identity and society. Promoting self-discovery, challenging traditional gender roles and celebrating a diversity of voices to help teens think critically about social norms and challenge narrowly defined stereotypes.
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South Bay

The Living Legacy

Holiday and mitzvah workshops for schools, religious schools and youth groups. Students create a mitzvah or holiday article such as matzah, a shofar or tallit at the school location. Consists of 10 workshops.
Chabad of Sunnyvale Sunnyvale, CA
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