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Calendar of Events
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VIRTUAL “Tzedakah Songs: Jewish Songs for Justice”

VIRTUAL “Book Club: 24/6 Tiffany Shlain”

VIRTUAL “The Neuroscience of Implicit Bias”

VIRTUAL “J. Street Presents: Annexation”

VIRTUAL “Conversation from the Front Line: What’s Next?”

VIRTUAL “Clear Eyes, Broken Hearts”

VIRTUAL “Jerusalem in Exile”

VIRTUAL “Holocaust Survivor Irving Roth”

VIRTUAL “Mourning to Joy: Post Tisha B’Av Healing Ritual”

VIRTUAL “Inappropriate Laughter”

VIRTUAL “The Evolution of Jewish Marriage”

VIRTUAL “Beautiful Bouquets”

VIRTUAL “Playwrights’ Center of S.F. PlayOffs”

VIRTUAL “Family Tu B’Av Celebration”

VIRTUAL “Daring Escape from the KGB”

VIRTUAL “Magic Melodies Workshop”

VIRTUAL “Tu B’Av in Bais Yaakov”

VIRTUAL “A Conversation About Racism”

VIRTUAL Two-day Tu B’Av celebration

VIRTUAL “Commonwealth Club: India, Israel and Berkeley”

VIRTUAL “Jewish vs. Israeli”

“Frena Kosher Bakery Monterey Pop Up”

VIRTUAL “Music of Jews of All Nationalities”

VIRTUAL “Virtual Singing Circle for the Soul”

VIRTUAL “Psalm 137 and the Politics of the Black Spiritual”

VIRTUAL “RadioCJM: Ismay”


VIRTUAL “Victorian Leisure, Pleasure and Folly”

VIRTUAL “The Obligated Self”

VIRTUAL August Kumzits

VIRTUAL “Anti-Semitism on Campus in the Time of Covid-19”

VIRTUAL “The Obscene, Indecent and Offensive in Hollywood”

VIRTUAL “Tzedakah Songs: Jewish Songs for Justice”

VIRTUAL “Generosity: Opening the Heart and Mind”

VIRTUAL “1 State, 2 States: Israel, Democracy and the Future”

VIRTUAL “As It Is Written”

“Bridging the Divide: Sivan Rahav-Meir”

VIRTUAL “The Riot of Kishinev”

VIRTUAL Presentation of Anne & Robert Cowan Writer’s Prize

VIRTUAL “Sonoma County JCC Fundraiser: Covid-19”


VIRTUAL “Red Diaper Baby”

VIRTUAL “In the Footsteps of Theodor Herzl in Budapest and Vienna”

“Wise Sons Pop-Up”

VIRTUAL “The Obscene, Indecent and Offensive in Hollywood”

VIRTUAL “Drop-In Story Club”

VIRTUAL “Exploring Whiteness: A Conversation”

VIRTUAL “Anti-Semantics: Sifting Through Whiteness and Jewish Identity”

VIRTUAL “How to Raise Successful People”

VIRTUAL “Creative Commentary”

VIRTUAL “Feminisrael”

VIRTUAL “The Book Thief”

VIRTUAL “Holy Silence”

“Sacramento Jewish Food Faire”

VIRTUAL “Lockdown Comedy”

VIRTUAL “Democracy Sounds Good”

VIRTUAL “Hebrew Amulets: Practical Magic”


VIRTUAL “Elul Meditation Retreat”

VIRTUAL Trudie Strobel and Jody Savin

VIRTUAL “Teshuvah on a National Level”

VIRTUAL Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival

VIRTUAL “Wine Wednesday No. 4”

VIRTUAL “The Rabbinic Imagination: What are God’s Prayers?”

VIRTUAL “Self-Compassion and Forgiveness”

VIRTUAL “Diversity and Jewish Values: What Does It Mean Today?”

VIRTUAL “Racism and White Privilege”

VIRTUAL “Tel Aviv on Fire”

VIRTUAL “Have You Made Art About It Yet?”

VIRTUAL “Focusing on Our Destination”

VIRTUAL “Menschlichkeit 101”

VIRTUAL “Arthur Szyk and the Right to America”

VIRTUAL “Awaken and Return”

VIRTUAL “Operation Last Chance with Nazi Hunter Efraim Zuroff”

VIRTUAL “Introduction to Talmud”

VIRTUAL “Translating Harry Potter into Yiddish”

VIRTUAL “Teshuvah and Trash TV”

VIRTUAL “Yidl Mitn Fidl”

VIRTUAL “Music of the High Holidays”

VIRTUAL “The Sacred Role of Grandparents in the Time of Covid-19”

VIRTUAL “Jewish Identity in Art”

VIRTUAL “Zingeray”

VIRTUAL “Preparing Your Heart”

VIRTUAL Singing Circle for the Soul

VIRTUAL “The Kabbalah of Rosh Hashanah”

VIRTUAL “Ethnic Diversity at the University of Padua”

VIRTUAL “Menachem Begin: Peace and War”

VIRTUAL “My Year of Kaddish: Mourning, Memory and Meaning”

VIRTUAL “And Sarah Laughed”

VIRTUAL “To Life (Le Chaim)”

VIRTUAL “Standing Up, Falling Down”

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