Babka babka bakba! (Photo/Flickr-joyosity CC BY 2.0)
Babka babka bakba! (Photo/Flickr-joyosity CC BY 2.0)

Seven flavors of babka headed to Palo Alto

Babka, the yeasted cake that has chocolate and cinnamon lovers locked in endless debate, will get its own dedicated bakery in Palo Alto come fall. Called Aye Lét, after its Israeli owner Ayelet Nuchi, the bakery will serve coffee and tea along with the babka, according to Palo Alto Online.

There will be seven varieties, including cinnamon-pecan, halva, maple and savory flavors.

Nuchi has been in catering for almost two decades but has become known for her babka, which is how she decided to open a bakery featuring the sweet cake.

Look for Aye Lét in Town & Country Village shopping center, 855 El Camino Real in Palo Alto, around Rosh Hashanah.

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