Rockets being fired into Israel, captured on video and posted to YouTube
Rockets being fired into Israel, captured on video and posted to YouTube

Iranian forces in Syria fire rockets into Israel

Iranian forces in Syria fired 20 rockets into Israel’s northern Golan region about an hour ago.

According to an IDF statement being reported by numerous media outlets, “Around 12.10 in the morning there were some 20 projectiles fired towards communities in the Golan Heights fired by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp’s elite Quds Force.”

According to press accounts, the Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted some of the missiles, and there were no reports of injury.

The Israel Defense Forces immediately retaliated by targeting a Syrian regime post across the border with artillery fire, the Times of Israel reported.

Sirens warning of incoming rockets were sounded just after midnight, Israel time, in Israel’s northern Golan Heights communities of Majdal Shams, Neve Ativ, Nimrod, Masa’ade, Buqa’ata, Odem, and El Rom. Hours earlier, according to media outlets, residents in the Golan Heights had been advised to go to bomb shelters that had been opened the previous night.

Tonight’s exchange of fire followed a reported Israeli strike in Syria on Tuesday that targeted a weapons depot of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards. Eight Iranians were among 15 foreign pro-regime fighters killed, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group told various media outlets.