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Spirit of Summer of Love lives on in wisdom circles

Your inspiring history, “How the Summer of Love changed American Judaism,” is instructional for our times about the importance of everyday citizens initiating social change and creating contemporary spiritual community.

In addition to Aryae Coopersmith totally giving himself from the ’60s for co-creating and sustaining the Judaic-based House of Love and Prayer, readers would want to know that 50 years later, with his wife Wendy Berk, Aryae continues leading an ongoing Coastside Torah Circle for all — from beginners to advanced scholars — for deep learning together from both intellect and heart.

Further expanding his sense of echad (one), Aryae began maximizing the potential of internet communication by creating and facilitating One World Lights (OWL), a community of global citizens with a shared vision of people everywhere supporting sustainable living and change that considers everyone.

Aryae’s vehicle is wisdom circles, mostly by Zoom video-conferencing: global citizens of all continents gathering to share inspiration, knowledge, skills and resources.

If youth are looking for models of practical Judaism, Aryae Coopersmith is worth emulating, as he brings forward the scholarship and spirit of that San Francisco Summer of Love to create a year-after-year, ongoing global community of love that connects and dignifies humankind.

Libby and Len Traubman,
San Mateo

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