Passover initiative aims to assist refugees

Addressing one of the world’s most urgent issues through its Passover Initiative of 2016, Repair the World in partnership with the refugee resettlement agency HIAS is continuing the #SupportforRefugees campaign.

“Together with HIAS, we can connect young adults to service opportunities with excellent local organizations that can really use the help in supporting refugees when they arrive. We cannot imagine a better time to launch this work than this holiday, as we reflect on the Passover story of liberation and the human struggle for freedom,” said David Eisner, president and CEO of Repair the World.

In the Bay Area, volunteers are needed to support on-the-ground resettlement efforts by Jewish Community Services of the East Bay (to get involved, email [email protected]), the International Rescue Committee, at (510) 452-8222 and Refugee Transitions, at (415) 989-2151.

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