7 Jewish schools among 100 in UK to get bomb threats

Bomb threats were called into seven Jewish schools in the United Kingdom shortly after 8 a.m. on Feb. 8. No explosive devices were found in the schools and none were evacuated, according to reports.

The Community Security Trust, Britain’s Jewish community security umbrella, in a tweet advised the Jewish schools to “fully enforce all security procedures.”

Some 100 bomb threats have been called into schools throughout the U.K., including many in the London area, in the past month. It is believed the calls are being made from abroad, and the issue is being handled at the national level, the U.K. Jewish News website reported.

A London Metropolitan Police spokesman told the Jewish Chronicle that police are not treating calls to Jewish schools differently from the rest. He said, however, “If it looks like it is focusing on faith schools or is inciting hate crime, then we will take a harder approach.” — jta