I was a Palestinian stone-thrower Rabins urgent message treif-or-treat

Here’s what we’re reading today. The first two items are heavy. The third one is decidedly not.

“I Was a Palestinian Stone-thrower. Here’s Why I Stopped,” proclaims the headline to this piece in Ha’aretz from Aziz Abu Sarah. He paints a picture of a situation as complex as you can imagine:

“Last week a Jew stabbed another Jew because he thought he was Arab, and Thursday two Israeli soldiers shot a third Israeli in another case of mistaken identity. As an Arab, you also risk being stabbed by a Palestinian if you dress or act too ‘Israeli.’”

Of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination 20 years ago Yehuda Kurtzer writes in the Forward that whatever lessons were learned were the wrong ones:

“The first problem with remembering the assassination is that, if it was a cautionary tale, it has not been sufficiently heeded. … His memory is being lost because it is seen as arising at an inconvenient time, or because it is thought to be a failure.”

And on a lighter note, JTA columnist Edmon J. Rodman wonders why so much Halloween candy is kosher:

“After all, most Orthodox Jews, who do keep kosher, don’t celebrate Halloween. That’s because… its origins are “a combination of Celtic, Roman and Christian holidays. All three are distinctly non-Jewish. … So why the kosher Halloween candy? Was there some religious shift of traditional Jews afoot unknown even to Pew?”


I Was a Palestinian Stone-thrower. Here’s Why I Stopped (paywall)
I didn’t believe stone-throwing would bring me freedom, but it gave me a voice and an outlet for powerlessness.
Ha’aretz, October 26, 2015

Yitzhak Rabin Has an Urgent Message for Israelis — But They Can’t Hear It Now
Forward, October 26, 2015

Treif or treat: Why is so much Halloween candy kosher?
JTA, October 25, 2015

David A.M. Wilensky
David A.M. Wilensky

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