Israeli ingenuity makes smart homes a no-brainer

Bezeq, Israel’s largest telecom, recently set up a model “smart home” at its Tel Aviv headquarters and in the Ikea store in Netanya to demonstrate its Bhome subscription service — a cutting-edge package of Wi-Fi-enabled sensors and monitors to help keep out intruders and save energy.

GreenIQ’s Smart Garden Hub allows you to adjust irrigation based on past, current and forecasted weather. photo/greeniq

But you don’t have to live in Israel to take advantage of sophisticated Israeli smart-home technologies.

Whether you want to control temperature, humidity and lights, monitor and optimize water usage, activate audio systems and alarms through a mobile phone or tablet, there’s a product on the market — or close to it — to help you. The technology enabling these devices is IoT – the Internet of things – connecting everyday objects through networks.

Here are a few of the many Israeli-made options now available or coming soon.

The Netanya-based startup SwitchBee provides a platform including programmable switches, a central control unit, a smartphone/tablet application and cloud-based data services. The plug-and-play devices are designed to embed in existing outlets quickly and wirelessly.

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Abigail Klein Leichman

Abigail Klein Leichman is associate editor of ISRAEL21c.