My Promised Land coming to HBO

“My Promised Land,” journalist Ari Shavit’s best-selling book about Israel, is being made into a documentary for HBO.

Shavit, who writes for the Israeli daily Haaretz, and HBO chairman Richard Plepler announced the project March 16 at a news conference in Jerusalem. The project does not yet have an air date.

Shavit said he hopes the documentary “will be able to open people’s minds and hearts to realize once again that, with all its flaws and problems, Israel is a man-made miracle and an astonishing human endeavor.” His book delves into Israel’s turbulent history through Shavit’s family story: His great-grandfather was one of the earliest Zionists to visit the region that would become the state of Israel.

Plepler said the book “captured both the objective truth and the emotional truth, the psychological truth of how I love Israel and ponder its challenges, and wrestle with its obvious mistakes and foibles.”

Veteran Israeli filmmaker Dan Setton will direct the film, according to Variety magazine. — jta