Music fest to feature the many sounds of Judaism

The “Pomegranates and Figs: A Feast of Jewish Music” festival began in 1989 under a completely different name — “Klezmer Mania.”

But a few years back, organizer Kaila Flexer decided the name didn’t quite fit anymore.

“We wanted a title that more reflected the greater diversity of Jewish music we present,” Flexer says. “Plus it was too much mania — I’m much calmer now!”

During the event, Flexer will perform violin with her band, Teslim, for and there also will be performances by Alicia Svigals with Klezmer Fiddle Express: West Coast Edition, fiddlers Shira Kammen and Julian Smedley and percussionist Faisel Zedan.

This year’s show will include klezmer music, traditional Sephardic sounds and roots-based original compositions.

Throughout the show, musicians will mix and match amongst themselves, and at the end of each night there will be a finale musical piece with all the musicians on stage together.

Another reason Flexer decided on the name “Pomegranates and Figs”? There will indeed be savory and sweet holiday treats at the Freight and Salvage shows.

Along with food and live music, the event also will include the lighting of a giant wooden menorah made by Flexer’s own father.

“It’s a social event — the Jewish community comes out in force,” Flexer says.