Shorts &mdash mideast

Hebrew Cosmo debuts in Israel,

mixing racy, reality

jerusalem (jta) | Cosmopolitan magazine debuted with a Hebrew-language version aimed at Israeli women.

Cosmo’s first Israeli edition launched last month out of Tel Aviv with 60,000 copies of a 210-page issue featuring movie star Angelina Jolie on its cover, the Forward reported.

The Israeli edition offers typical Cosmo fare such as “99 Ways to Make Him Want You.” It also includes a column by Karin Arad, who has a popular Web site about female sexuality, and departments such as “Israeli Reality,” which ran a feature about a woman whose fiancé was killed in a terrorist attack.

Kidnap victim was

lured and drugged

jerusalem (jta) | Israeli businessman Elhanan Tannenbaum was making an unauthorized trip to Abu Dhabi when he was kidnapped.

The news about Tannenbaum, who is being held captive in Lebanon, came after the Israeli Supreme Court lifted a gag order on the case.

According to security sources, Tannenbaum was lured to Abu Dhabi in autumn 2000 by an Israeli Arab who offered him a business proposition, but who actually was a Hezbollah operative. Once there, Tannenbaum was drugged and transported to Lebanon, possibly via Iran.

Tannnenbaum’s family tried to keep the gag order in place, fearing public pressure could scuttle a deal being negotiated to return the businessman and the bodies of three Israeli soldiers held by Hezbollah in exchange for the release by Israel of several hundred Arab security prisoners.

A ‘dating’ tale

jerusalem (jta) | Date sellers in Cairo are honoring French President Jacques Chirac’s opposition to the Gulf War and support for the Palestinians.

The best and most expensive dates on sale in the city for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan have been given the name “Chirac dates,” according to French news reports. Chirac dates are on sale at double the price of the next highest quality, “Yasser Arafat dates.”

The lowest-quality dates are those named after Ariel Sharon and George Bush.