Knesset amends law to ease extraditions

Meeting in special session Monday, the Knesset approved the amendment to Israel's extradition law, which prohibited the extradition of all Israeli citizens to stand trial in another country — creating a situation that critics said contravened extradition agreements with other countries and turned Israel into a haven for criminals seeking shelter from the law.

Israeli Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein was among the previous law's critics, saying few countries would be willing to invest the financial resources needed to transfer an investigation and criminal case to an Israeli court.

The Sheinbein case has been a source of tension between Israel and the United States, which sought his extradition.

After a protracted legal process, Israel's Supreme Court ruled last month against hearing an appeal of its earlier decision not to allow Sheinbein's extradition. Sheinbein's trial for premeditated murder is due to begin here May 16.