Ad Design Guidelines

If you have any questions regarding the production of an ad please contact your advertising representative. If you do not have an advertising representative and are interested in advertising please contact Nora Contini.

Ad Sizes: Click here to download as a PDF

Size Col. x Units picas inches
1/24 1x1 13p6x11p 2.292" x 1.833"
1/12v 1x2 13p9 x 23p 2.292" x 3.833"
1/12h 2x1 28p6 x 11p 4.75" x 1.833"
1/8v 1x3 13p9 x 35p 2.292" x 5.833"
1/8h 3x1 43p3 x 11p 7.208" x 1.833"
1/6sq 2x2 28p6 x 23p 4.75" x 3.833"
1/6v 1x4 13p9 x 47p 2.292" x 7.833"
1/6h 4x1 58p x 11p 9.667" x 1.833"
1/5 1x5 13p9 x 59p 2.292" x 9.833"
1/4v 2x3 28p6 x 35p 4.75" x 5.833"
1/4h 3x2 43p3 x 23p 7.208" x 3.833"
1/4 tall 1x6 13p9 x 71p 2.292" x 11.833"
1/3v 2x4 28p6 x 47p 4.75" x 7.833"
1/3h 4x2 58p x 23p 9.667" x 3.833"
3/8 3x3 43p3 x 35p 7.208" x 5.833"
5/12 2x5 28p6 x 59p 4.75" x 9.833"
1/2v 3x4 43p3 x 47p 7.208" x 7.833"
1/2h 4x3 58p x 35p 9.667" x 5.833"
1/2 tall 2x6 28p6 x 71p 4.75" x 11.833"
5/8 3x5 43p3 x 59p 7.208" x 9.833"
2/3 4x4 58p x 47p 9.667" x 7.833"
3/4 3x6 43p3 x 71p 7.208 x 11.833"
5/6 4x5 58p x 59p 9.667" x 9.833"
full page (no bleed) 4x6 58p x 71p 9.667" x 11.833"

Bleed Sizes for Full Page and Cover
Bleed Area - 69p x 82p6 or 11.5" x 13.75"
Trim Area - 63p x 76p6 or 10.5" x 12.75"
Live Area - 58p x 71p or 9.667 x 11.833"

Ad Submission Guidelines:

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Full-Page Ad Templates

Below are links to templates for full-page ads that run in our weekly publication. To download the template right click on the link and "Save target as" or "Save link as" and save it on your hard drive.