Lifecycles Announcements

You may submit an announcement of any length and, if you wish, include a photograph. See below for possible costs.

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Birth Announcements are free up to 100 words

Most announcements include the full names(first and last) of the parents and their place of residence, the full name of the baby, gender, place of birth and names of siblings. You may also want to include the full names of the grandparents and/or great grandparents and their places of residence.

Birth announcements can be submitted electronically by using the form below or you may contact us:

BY MAIL: Send the information to:
j., the Jewish news weekly of Northern California
225 Bush St., #480 San Francisco, CA 94104-4281

BY PHONE: Call (415) 263-7200 ext. 33


Submitting Photos:
Photos can be mailed or e-mailed. Photos need to be clearly labeled and received no later than noon Monday. Please choose a clear image. A self-addressed, stamped envelope must be included if the photo is to be returned. If the photo is sent electronically, it must be a JPEG image at 200 dpi minimum.

I will be sending a photo with clear information regarding the full names of the people in the image.

By Email yes   no
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Photos will not be returned unless an address is clearly printed on the back.

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