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If you think zebras are bad for bar mitzvahs, get a load of this

May 19, 2009 | by stacey palevsky

Many of you thought it awful that we highlighted over-the-top b'nai mitzvah parties with a safari theme and live animals. You ain't seen nothing yet.

New Voices, in its latest edition, dedicates some ink to chronicling some of the most extravagent b'nai mitzvah parties readers have witnessed. There are probably…

You’re insane if you think a bat mitzvah with live animals corrupts the tradition

May 7, 2009 | by stacey palevsky

To all of the letter writers and opiners who a) hate that we at J. dedicated a cover story to safari-themed b’nai mitzvah parties and b) think it antithetical to Judaism that families are planning these events in the first place, I recommend you immediately sit down…