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3:48 pm Friday, December 3, 2010
by rachel leibold


It's back! Or, it never went anywhere.


Yes, there is breaking hummus news.

First story: The Princeton Sabra kerfuffle. AP is reporting that the referendum calling for the school to offer an alternative to Sabra hummus (which the Princeton Committee for Palestine says tramples on the rights of Palestinians because it's partially owned by pro-IDF company the Strauss Group) has been voted down by students. Thank god, I can now sleep tonight knowing that Princeton students will not be subjected to an inferior hummus.

Second story: The DePaul DeBacle. DePaul University in Chicago was probably something of an inspiration for the anti-Sabra forces at Princeton, since their food service recently stopped selling Sabra following a request by a pro-Palestinian group. However, JTA is reporting that the university is asking their food service to bring back Sabra, since the decision didn't follow proper procedures by not going through the university's Fair Business Practices Committee. The request will now go to the committee...any guesses on how that'll turn out?

This all seems rather silly, but in actuality, it's quite serious. It's part of the broader-based boycott, divestment and sanctions movement that is gaining traction around the world, and it's scary. We may think, "Oh, it's just hummus, this isn't a big deal, and it's not going to go anywhere." But that is exactly where bad things begin - on a small scale, when no one's looking. Let's all support the very yummy Sabra hummus - I know I'll be buying some this weekend!

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Posted by JonHaber
12/04/2010  at  05:05 AM
Not all hummus...

...is created (or to be treated) equally.  For a little perspective on the great hummus debate at Princeton, see: http://www.divestthis.com/2010/12/princeton-hearts-israel.html

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Posted by gyuri
12/10/2010  at  06:30 AM
Muslim Ofensive

The hummus story is a part of a coordinated effort of militant Islam to delegitimize the state of Israel, Jews and the Western civilization generally. What better environment to push this agenda, than universities with their leftist crowds…

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Posted by theother
12/10/2010  at  05:57 PM
Advocating Human Rights. No need to fear anything

Putting pressure on a state to stand by human rights laws should not be “scary”. Palestinians know fear. The fear of their homes being demolished, their farms being bulldozed, the rights being trampled on. This goes on a daily basis under Israeli occupation.

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Posted by Jack Kessler
01/07/2011  at  01:13 AM
Gosh! That's Terrible!

Theother is right.  Imagine how fearful one would be if one’s home was being rocketed by religious and fanatics, one’s children endangered or injured.  And how much worse it would be if those religious fanatics were supported and abetted by bigots in the US like theother.

Pressuring Hamas to respect the human rights of Israelis seems a lost cause.  But maybe if destructive bigots like theother would just shut up, they might at least be induced to stop persecuting women, dissidents, Christians, and Shi’ites.

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Posted by gzuckier
12/23/2010  at  07:43 PM

Of course, keeping US citizens from making our economy a pawn in a foreign dispute is the reason why participating in boycotts initiated by a foreign state or states is illegal in the US; if the initiative for the Great Humanitarian Hummus War Of Liberation can be shown to have its roots in the Arab states’ boycott of Israel it is de facto illegal. But I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, right?

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Posted by darrensy
05/29/2012  at  08:36 PM
I think

I think this will not bother most student. as long they think they are doing good.

tech comm

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