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Interview with a punk: The Groggers

12:28 pm Thursday, May 13, 2010
by emily savage


Still can’t get that Groggers song out of your head either? Or do you not read my blog, ahem, religiously and have no idea what I’m talking about?

Go back, watch the video, then come back here and read all about this newbie Jewish punk band.

On their origins:
“The band formed in Queens, NY in early 2010. I had written a whole bunch of satirical Jewish punk songs while I was playing with non-Jewish affiliated projects and basically left them on the back-burner for a while.”

On their YouTube-popular song and video “Get”:
“The inspiration for the ‘Get’ video was mainly from years of working at a Jewish law firm that dealt with family law. I would get yelled at all day long by people caught in messy divorces who just needed someone to give them some decent legal advice. I always did my best to advise my clients as best as possible, but soon got fired when they found out I wasn't a lawyer.

The demos I recorded in my bedroom started getting out and this great film director named Farrell Goldsmith pitched us an idea to do a video.”

On the possible controversy behind singing about abuse in Jewish marriages:

“We stand behind the things we say. This topic is not a very well known and not often spoken about, so we all feel great about helping to raise awareness.

On their other tunes:
“Most of the other topics we cover in our music are much less political and more satirical.  We have songs such as "Mitzvah Night" which is ultimately about the commandment to be fruitful an multiply (specifically on Friday night) and "One last Shatnez" which is about a man who finds spiritual enlightenment but can't give up wearing wool and linen clothing.”

On the band and the future:

“Outside The Groggers, we are all college students, or recently post-grad and I'm doing some amateur dentistry out of the back of my van for gas money [ed.– this last bit is likely untrue]. The band is looking to tour and our first record "There's No "I" in Cherem" drops this August.”

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