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Jeffrey Tambor shares a few arresting developments

2:18 pm Wednesday, May 13, 2009
by amanda pazornik
Warning: This blog entry is laced with “Arrested Development” references. If you have not seen the Emmy Award-winning comedy, stop reading, go to your local DVD rental spot and check it out.

There are only three seasons. It's time to put your head down and power through. You won’t be disappointed. 

Then, I kindly ask that you come back and read. Pretty please. I’ll give you a frozen banana or a fried treat from the Cornballer for your efforts.    

I recently had the pleasure of laughing with “AD” star and S.F. native Jeffrey Tambor,  who will be in town May 22 to accept the Alumnus of the Year award from San Francisco State. Tambor graduated in 1965 with a B.A. in theater. He also grew up in a Conservative Jewish household - "The young boy was going to be bar mitzvahed," Tambor recalled.   

Given the fact that his acting career has spanned four decades, I was only familiar with his more recent roles, most notably George Bluth Sr., the patriarch of the dysfunctional (no better make that over-the-top hilarious) Bluth family. tambor_251

George (nicknamed "Pop Pop" by his family) is a real estate mogul who “cooks the books” and spends most of the series in jail (“No touching!”) or dodging the SEC, FBI or any law enforcement body that wants to throw him back in jail (“No touching!”)

Tambor also plays Oscar Bluth, George’s twin brother and perhaps the wackiest branch on the Bluth family tree. Think Telegraph Avenue. In the 60s. 

I have a particular affinity for this show, not just because I have an appreciation for sarcasm and twisted humor, but also because the show supposedly takes place in Orange County where I grew up.

And let’s not forget those Jewish references while George is in the slammer. Priceless. Check out “Storming the Castle” – season one, episode nine.

I wonder if the upcoming “Arrested Development” movie (rumored to be released some time in 2010) will feature any of George’s Judaism-driven antics. There’s got to be a scene where he’s donning the shoe-tongue kippah – come on Mitchell Hurwitz, deliver!

Tambor, 64, said he’s played plenty of eccentric characters. He name-dropped Oscar Bluth, as well as Jay Porter, Al Pacino’s deranged law partner in the 1970s film “And Justice for All.” 

“That’s what’s interesting about acting,” Tambor noted. “I’ve played it all over the map.”
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Posted by mordechai
05/16/2009  at  09:46 AM

so tambor plays shylock and this is supposed to be a good thing?  talking about not learning from the past and adding fuel to the fire…real smart!

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