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sarah & abra

by audrey soffa

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Posted by Maicer
12/29/2016  at  07:54 PM
Nearly a decade ago, Anthony

Nearly a decade ago, Anthony de Haas, breitling replica director of product development, was flipping through a book of archival material when he came across an old Lange pocket watch with an unusual triple regulator dial. De Haas was intrigued but still unsure of the design’s potential for future cheap breitling watches, so he flagged it and put the book away. Months later, the subject came up again in a talk with the brand’s director of R & D, Tino Bobe, de Haas’s friend and foil in creating new watches for A. Lange & S?hne.
“I opened the page I had marked in the book,” says de Haas. “He smiled, then got his book. He had the same watch marked out in his book as well. He said, ‘Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about this design, but I never did because I wasn’t sure it was something for Lange.’” Over the next three days the duo laid out plans for a triptych of watches that have animated the company’s omega replica family of timepieces until this year. Each of the three is very different, yet each in its own way advances the omega line’s technical focus on timekeeping.

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Posted by Jack Kessler
01/01/2017  at  12:37 PM
J editors:This comment appears to

J editors:
This comment appears to be commercial in intent and to have no specifically Jewish content.  Please remove it.

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