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Anti-Israel protests rock German cities

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Large anti-Israel demonstrations took place last weekend in Frankfurt and Berlin.

In Frankfurt, a demonstrator used a police megaphone to shout anti-Israel slogans after duping police.

Police said the demonstrator had agreed to try to calm down a violent protest on July 12 but instead shouted “Child murderer Israel” and “Allahu akbar!” (Arabic for “God is great”), a Frankfurt police spokeswoman told the Associated Press.

The crowd of more than 2,000 protesters, who were waving Palestinian flags and calling for a boycott of Israeli products, followed the police car while cheering and repeating the slogans, according to AP.

Dieter Graumann, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, condemned the incident.

“I’m shocked that a German police car was used to spread hatred and agitation,” Graumann said, according to AP. “It was a big mistake that the police let themselves be abused for this.”

Also on July 12, rocks were thrown at police in Berlin during a protest by some 1,000 mostly Palestinian demonstrators against Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

As many as 10 people were arrested. One police officer was struck by a rock but was not injured.

By some estimates, Berlin is home to 35,000 Arabs of Palestinian origin.

On July 11, several hundred pro-Israel demonstrators gathered at Wittenberg Platz in Berlin under the banner “Fight Terror, Support Israel” organized by the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin, a nondenominational NGO. — jta



Posted by Jack Kessler
07/22/2014  at  02:28 PM

the Lord that it was the Palestinians and not the Germans again.

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Posted by paul
07/23/2014  at  01:32 PM
My respond

Praise the Lord? Are you saying that, the Palestinians are better than the Nazi? They are a lot worse then the Germans because, Germans killed the Jews and they were killed themselves. But, they loved their lives and loved their children. Germans, didn’t send their children to blow themselves up among the other nations. I portray Palestinians as monsters. You don’t believe that Jerusalem was found on the dunes in the 1909 by the Jews from the Eastern Europe, do you? What would the Arabs do without Israel? Who would supply them food, medicine, technology, money, education and water, etc? In the good and bad time, during the wars and peace, Israel supply every thing to Gaza. Palestinians know how to throw the rockets on IDF when IDF defend Israel.

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