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seniors |  Israeli men among longest-living

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Israeli men have the fourth-highest life expectancy of any nationality, according to a new analysis by the World Health Organization.

Israeli males born in 2012 can expect, on average, to live slightly longer than 80 years, according to the WHO’s World Health Statistics 2014. That figure ranks behind only Iceland, Switzerland and Australia.

Israeli women did not make the World Health Statistics top 10 list, but a separate WHO data set shows Israeli women born in 2012 with a life expectancy of 84, equal to Portugal, which placed 10th on the list. Japanese women placed first, with an average life expectancy of 87.

Israel is the only Middle Eastern country on either top 10 list. Most of the countries on both lists were European. The United States did not make either list. — jta


Posted by Emunah M
05/31/2014  at  07:16 AM
What is even more remarkable

What is even more remarkable is that the life expectancy of an Israeli Arab (seventy-nine years) is almost ten years higher than that of other Middle Eastern Arabs, and is higher than that of an American male.

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