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Embezzler hits Milan’s Jewish community

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The Jewish community in Milan is confronting an apparent case of embezzlement in which millions of dollars were removed from community bank accounts.

“Over the course of the past few months, all the accounts of the community have undergone a general audit, which is still going on,” Milan Jewish community president Walter Meghnagi told hundreds of community members at a special meeting last week.

The audit, he said, had shown that “over the course of the years, millions of Euros have been subtracted from the community’s accounts, by subtle and deceptive ways.”

Meghnagi said suspicion has focused on a person who “played an important role in the financial and administrative management of the community.”

He said the matter came to light after “the person in question” was removed from his post last year following 30 years of service.

Authorities are investigating, but no details have been officially released. — jta


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