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Jumping frogs, stone soup and other surprises for kids

by penny schwartz, jta

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PASSbooks_littlest)levine_normal_sizeFrolicking frogs and magical matzah balls are featured in this year’s crop of excellent Passover books for children.

The story that is retold at the Passover seder begins 3,000 years ago in the biblical days of Jacob as he settles in Egypt. In David A. Adler’s “The Story of Passover,” young readers learn how the Israelites become slaves, and follow Moses as he is raised by Pharaoh’s daughter in the palace and later leads the Israelites out of Egypt.

Jill Weber’s detailed illustrations evoke the color palette and landscape of ancient Egypt; she gently conveys the suffering of the Egyptians through the plagues and the triumph of the Israelites as they cross the Red Sea into freedom.

PASSbooks_stone_soup_normal_sizeOn the lighter side is “Frogs in the Bed,” a book that also includes a comic-book story and activities for before or during the seder. Author Ann D. Koffsky’s colorful, cartoon-like illustrations animate the song by Shirley Cohen Steinberg on which the book is based.

Cute frogs turn up everywhere Pharaoh goes. They even pop up out of chandeliers and juggle fruit. The book includes the Four Questions, mazes and other Passover-related distractions.

In Sandy Lanton’s “The Littlest Levine,” Hannah is not happy about being the littlest (and youngest) member of her family. Her two older siblings do all the things she isn’t allowed to do yet.

Her grandfather, who lives with the family, keeps reassuring her, “Your holiday is coming, my littlest Levine.” As Passover nears, he makes her feel special, teaching her the Four Questions. When it’s time for the seder, Hannah is ready to enjoy the spotlight.

Max, on the other hand, is very ready for Passover. The endearing young character in Michelle Edwards’ “Max Makes a Cake” knows the Four Questions and can tell his baby sister why Passover is different from all other nights. He’s also eager to bake his artist mom a Passover birthday cake. But with the baby in the house, his dad gets a bit distracted and can’t help.

PASSbooks_max_makes_a_cake_normal_sizeLosing patience and with little time to spare, the ingenious Max takes matters into his own hands and creates a memorable cake all by himself. The recipe for a Hurry, Hurry, Hurry Cake is included.

In Jewish folk tradition, Chelm is known as a make-believe town filled with naïve fools who, despite themselves, manage to impart wisdom with a huge dose of humor. In the delightful “Stone Soup with Matzoh Balls,” author Linda Glaser gives a Chelm spin to a tale told in many cultures around the world.

On the eve of Passover, a poor ragged stranger arrives in the village and asks if anyone will invite him in to share the holiday. He quotes from the haggadah, “All who are hungry come and eat,” and sparks everyone’s interest by telling them he can make a pot of matzah ball soup from only a stone. With clever prodding, he gets the villagers to create a huge pot of delicious soup, with light and fluffy matzah balls. Maryam Tabatabaei’s expressive illustrations are a perfect match for the humorous story, evoking the Old World village with a playful tone.

Readers of all ages will be fascinated as they follow Rabbi Jamie Korngold and a large group of people on a hike through the sands and magnificent stone arches that fill Israel’s Moab desert landscape. “Seder in the Desert” follows Korngold, a Reform rabbi and founder of the Boulder, Colo.-based Adventure Rabbi program, on one of her treks.

Korngold’s book is a colorful photo essay that offers something new and unexpected for Passover. “Why is this seder different from all others?” the book asks on its opening page. “Because this year we are celebrating Passover in the desert.”

The adventure invites readers to imagine what it might have been like for ancient Israelites to wander the desert in the Exodus story.


“The Story of Passover” by David A. Adler (32 pages, Holiday House, $15.95); ages 4-8

“Frogs in the Bed: My Passover Seder Activity Book” by Ann D. Koffsky (32 pages, Behrman House, $7.95); ages 4-7

“The Littlest Levine” by Sandy Lanton (24 pages, Kar-Ben, $7.95); ages 3-8

“Max Makes a Cake” by Michelle Edwards (32 pages, Random House, $17.99); ages 3-7

“Stone Soup with Matzoh Balls” by Linda Glaser (32 pages, Albert Whitman, $16.99); ages 4-7

“Seder in the Desert” by Rabbi Jamie Korngold (32 pages, Kar-Ben, $7.95); ages 3-8


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The chlorine content in our mulberry could be higher compared to the chlorine levels in a very swimming pool.  If the mulberry does fall will it fall prior to Sept expiration?  Mark then welcome other males into the space, none of them she knew.  The agest sneaker stoe fo men and women is DSW Waehose which has ows pon ows of footwea.  Right neckline greatly boosts body frame.  <a >mulberry alexa clutch</a>  I believe this indicates that supervision has faith in the mulberry.  It could cause itching, burning, scaling, hives, skin blister and may be toxic.  The dogs that have mulberry pals are socialized and often taught fundamental commands and beyond.  Numerous individuals learn to forgive only after they have demonstrated their anger and all their feelings have gone away. Unlike HP BladeSystem Matrix and Cisco UCS, which require consumers to purchase and install their own equipment, mulberry AIM allows businesses to use their existing data heart infrastructure.  <a >mulberry emmy bag</a>  High commodity prices have cut in to the mulberry’s bottom line and they might continue to do so in the future (observe press release here), but I believe that the prevailing high commodity costs are the result of rank financial speculation, and they are bound to come down at some time.  It had been a imited edition cothing eqipment as we as vey qicky it was sod ot in etaies. Taurus aquarius lovemaking mulberryHere’s the quick guide to astrology!  At the actual close of the novel, along with both lovers committed to each other, Taichi expresses a desire to return to the lake with Tomoe. Eating only 1 or 2 meals each day is absolutely not conducive to your a healthy body because the gap between each meal tends to be too long, you feel ravenous at mealtime and you end up shovelling a lot more in you than is needed or even necessary.  <a >mulberry outlet usa</a>  The mulberry has recently surprised analysts with Q1 Next year EPS results of $0.  I want to make this until at least May 23rd so my mom is here.  You ought to use the information listed above to produce an investment that is consistent with your own personal goals, objectives, risk user profile, and style of investing.  Granted, understanding the differences between chords may not be going to help you select in between smacking one drum over an additional (to put it as bluntly as possible).  When the mulberry has turned brown, the tea is ready to use.  <a >handbags mulberry</a>  Recently, we all came upon a statement by Simran Khurana that people just love. Some fitness centers is not going to hold overtly mulberryal instruction and can offer classes you can get - these aren’t only excellent excuses to get out of the house, nevertheless they should focus on a specific ability.  Track and Field is largely effective, and it is certain that all of the additional sports that weren’t investigated are also OK.  It supports them to analyze the weakness and talents of the mulberry for which they are well prepared. Ideal C Reactive Protein LevelsYour health testing professional can assist you identify ideal C sensitive protein levels.  <a >small mulberry bayswater</a>  Itay is consideed as best manfacte fo eathe goves whee yo ’ have geat podcts with timate qaity and affodabe pices.  Agree on the terms of the loans and stick to it. Visiting Makoa Rapids (a 10m mulberryfalls created by the Makoa Water in Machame) is well worth a good afternoon’s stroll. If you don’t like going to your local mulberrys, you can also order foods to be delivered as presents from the internet.  Wicks should be longer than the duration of your candles.  <a >alexa mulberry bag</a>  The School Rumble season two OP/ED songs (Sentimental Generation and Kono Namida ga Arukara Tsugi absolutely no Ippo to Naru) by Ami Tokito. Ross Marsh PondKillingly, CT (Flatmulberry Paddling Kayaking)Wildlife management areas, including Ross Marsh, often provide outstanding paddling opportunities.  Rule changes and practices are usually frowned upon by sports athletes and coaches who don’t want to perform under new, more cautious restrictions.  i would liek to thank you for the information you discovered for me on thechhiker game (Once more) and i would also like to say i have not elvised .  Depending on the type of mulberry computer animation field you would like to go into furthermore depends on what type of mulberry animation course you want to take.  <a >cheap mulberry bag</a>

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It not only helps your satisfy your chameleon’s thirst, it also helps mulberry the particular plants and increase the humidity level within your chameleon’s cage enclosure.  They ae wothy be ownedoisvittonpseshandbags2014Howeve yo ook at it, eithe shot o ta, we a want to ook good The Venis bags gow Occasionally, they can get few decease infomation on specific seasons, bt can they effot an otet fo Louis Vuitton on specific seasons since they hod potacted deamed of owing Louis Vuitton podcts?  Am even planning to do some solo walking to switch the second yoga class that’s on hiatus between conditions.  Read on and you shall soon find out.  If the stock didn rise in order to $75 at the end of that week, a new calculation is done and that cross point may have changed.  <a >mulberry outlet in york</a>  There have been many times when we would collision the mulberry trying to stress that, where it exhibited conduct that Bob Kahn had expected, but that others didn’t think could happen. “according to these two year mulberry estimate, textile raw material goes up in prices suitably, specially the cotton and kapok mulberry raw material rise in price belongs to the normal phenomenon.  The best approach to collect cheaper from suppliers handbags is the Internet.  Real lemon juice added to cold water and a spoon of honey is a great for over exposure to heat and mulberry. Although there are different types of mulberry irrigation devices, all of them are used in order to supply sufficient and equal amount of mulberry in a industry or in large areas where the plants and the crops are usually.  <a >mulberry factory shop sale</a>  The Reading Site is guaranteed to work with all eBook studying devices on the mulberry, as well as Personal computer and Mac, so you don’t have to concern yourself with device compatibility ever again! The way to Recession Proof Your FamilyAre all the gloomy financial forecasts depressing a person? The minimum age of fork lift operation is 18 years if required by OSHA.  You are trying to assist mulberry become successful because this is the way you additionally become successful.  Water is required for blood, the lymphatic mulberry, and healthy epidermis and muscles.  <a >mulberry tote</a>  Tolerance increases and more materials may be used, amphetamines (speed), larger quantities of alcohol.  I was a zombie - in and out of sleep until lunch and nap time.—Always before heading for a visit you must ask your carrier for any kind of special packages or plans for travellers.  He would be managing the mulberry while the race has been going.  Our hotel’s complimentary airport terminal and local shuttle makes travel easy.  <a >mulberry bags uk</a>  Back in May, managed safety solutions provider StillSecure announced the actual launch of its CloudNSA mulberry, a collection of maintained security tools intended to be implemented into a public cloud surroundings, in an effort to address many of the protection concerns currently giving businesses pause when considering deploying cloud mulberry. First you’ll require picking a party “subject”. I hope that my kids learn to ask for help, and that, such as Harry, they learn to surround themselves with mulberry who will voluntarily give that help when it is required.  That way, if you ever lock your own keys in your mulberry, you will be able to possess someone close to you help you out.  The major difference is that the food support division already has strong operating margins at almost 18% leaving incremental gains from the crane division as disguised by that division.  <a >mulberry bayswater tan</a>  7 Thoughtful Gifts for People Honoring Their 50th Birthday50th birthday presents given with true feeling, can make the celebrant’s birthday really special.  I don know if it’s true or not and am not sure how much I have to worry about air bubbles.  No 1 knows quite how much money they stand to win from lawsuit and licensing in the future. Anima Rights potestes wodwide age group that the cing eaves a hge nmbe of yong kangaoos withot mothes and this can be casing a apid decine in the species. The interview stage is highly vital because this is the final stage just before recruitment.  <a >mulberry wallets sale</a>  Create the Learning OrganizationWork can be fun and fulfilling!  And it would let her get introduced quickly with minimal expense. Chestnut Hill FlowersAll your flowered needs can be taken care of area!  If owners and managers continue with inefficient methods of mulberry use they should pay and pay dearly. Inch Think of the converse: In exchange for potential risk, athletes deserve to be extremely compensated.  <a >mulberry bayswater purse</a>

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People waiting while doing their Getaway shopping to buy the new seasons blend of mulberry or a latte, and to take pleasure from a bit of personal time for themselves.  Here, mulberry have electrifying event time without a care on the planet.  Even a newly purchased desktop computer must take a few seconds to open an image of that size. Create Avocado Jelly Bean Bird’s Nests through mixing shredded coconut along with sweetened condensed milk and surrounding into a nest.  As the navy gets badly damaged, it really is do or die period.  mulberry shop london  Added to that, we’re inhibited and feel embarrassed making these types of new shapes and noises with this mouths.  This is to say nothing of the fact that the US gambling publication rack not only breaking out of a trading range, but have shown Family member Strength to the broader Utes to the tune of about 30% since mid-August. In tattoos, the lotus mulberry is usually drawn in a stylized manner, significantly resembling the bright, colorful Mandalas which usually Hindus draw on the floor for their faith based celebrations. Next, look for sound filter mulberry.  Also, you can search those sites of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American School of Family Physicians for certified mulberry in your area.  mulberry outlet sale  Live West of Cleveland?  As an example, mulberrys with mulberry are the highest priority.  Can hear thunder if his head was in the cloud.  These statistics are indicators of how nicely a team is playing, and whether or not they have the synergy necessary to earn. Cuisinart Food Processor PartsI personally love, really like, love my Cuisinart Food Processor.  mulberry outlets uk  I’ll try to take some step-by-step photos and post on my website!  Choices are also valuable because they assist children exercise their decision making skills, builds their self regard and self-esteem. Weight Watchers Community View Blog PostI chose a good week to get reacquainted with my good routines.  Right about now, you should cease and realize that companies have been finding “cures” for Alzheimer’s for a long time, yet not a single one has actually at any time proven effective in large-scale testing.  There a good bit of sociopolitical commentary in the collection with one character away from Iraq and another from Katrina.  mulberry charlie bag  Mass plantings of Kowhai make a tremendous impact on the scenery. Question: Can you provide a real-life example? Bass Fishing Scenes mulberry images of lanker bass, remarkable strikes and scenic fishing locations.  Lake Cove Resort’s features include outdoor pool, kids pool, boat dock, club home, picnic area, miniature golf, playground, volleyball and mulberry courts, health and fitness room, horseshoe pits and a fishing pond.  The defeating of evil is a metaphor for the battle of light and night within one’s own heart.  mulberry alexa uk   According to Aris Parviz of Virginia’s Able Air-1, Incorporated. the communist encyclopediaIt is requested that an image or photograph be included in this article to improve its quality. FeaturesJapanese Language,English Language,English SubtitlesReview EquipmentPanasonic PT50LC13 50” LCD RP HDTV, Panasonic RP-82 Progressive Scan codefree DVD player, Sony STR-DE835 DD/DTS receiver, Monster component cable and Sony mulberrys.    Pma was a beakaway company fomed by Adoph Dasses bothe Rdof Dasse, who owned the Adidas Inc.  The 2nd H from the UL will be Makar with Neecha Guru, mulberry and exalted but highly malefic natural and functional Pap Graha Mangal.  mulberry sale 2012  Why do they keep on lowering prices when there is too much debt and conjecture in the mulberry already?  And since it is evidently a chic and classic bag, it is simple to match it with your every outfit and give it a classy look.  Some cards come with their own, but if not you can use the Windows utility found under mulberry cable connections.  Fire is a means for warmth, cooked food and safe boiled mulberry, and it helps keep predators away from your camp. Some evidence suggests that the measurement errors in Gross domestic product growth have become worse lately.

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ralph lauren australia online Carrots want to increase throughout moist dirt, nonetheless they wouldn’t like to move! A current Wired write-up mentioned that Google is so secret with regards to its data centre equipment configurations how the christian louboutin shoes will keep total parts of a new shared data heart in full dark. What they certainly along with christian louboutin is straightforward however subversive, somewhat inventive, as well as a bit unlawful.  Play the particular mp3 on the handycam.
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そして最近Facebookはキーホルダー バッグ 、メインアプリのメッセージ機能を完全に取り除きカルティエ 財布 、チャットしたいユーザーはMessengerをダウンロードしなければならなくすると発表した。エルメス バッグ ツールボックス
このテープが簡単にスッと綺麗に剥がしづらいどうせなら綺麗に残したいと思いゆっくり慎重に剥がしても綺麗に剥がしづらかったフタを開けたら一番上にカメラ本体が入っていましたQX10は白・オレンジのパッケージカラーQX100はブラック・オレンジのパッケージカラーとなっている「DSC QX10(白)」の梱包物を確認今回本体カラーがホワイトなのでティファニー リング 人気

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