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Palestinians riot at Temple Mount, 3 youths arrested

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Israeli police entered the Temple Mount to disperse dozens of Palestinian youths who threw rocks and firecrackers at security forces.

Three Palestinian rioters were arrested and two policemen were hurt in the Feb. 25 confrontation.

Some 50 protesters had slept at the Temple Mount the night before in advance of a Knesset debate scheduled for Feb. 25 on extending Israeli sovereignty over the site, which is holy to Jews and Muslims. Likud lawmaker Moshe Feiglin initiated the debate; a vote is unlikely to take place.

The site is overseen by the Muslim Wakf, the religious administration charged with managing the Temple Mount site. Jews generally are not permitted by the Wakf to pray or bring any ritual objects to the Temple Mount. — jta


Posted by Dave Peters
03/01/2014  at  11:18 AM
No More Waqf!

So long s the Israeli government allows the Muslim Waqf (a charitable? foundation under Sharia) to administer the Temple Mount without supervision by civil authorities, these ‘riots’ will continue.
In addition to unpermitted demolition and construction, the Waqf threatens any Jew who would ‘trespass’ on the Noble Sanctuary’.
ow interesting it is that the Waqf now asserts itself, when it previously neglected the condition of the place. When Jews did not attempt to visit, the Waqf let it go to seed; when Jews wanted access, all of a sudden it was the third holiest place in Islam.

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