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Orthodox parties forbid yeshiva students to enlist

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The rabbinic councils of three Orthodox parties in Israel issued a statement prohibiting their yeshiva students from enlisting in the Israeli military.

The senior rabbis issued their statement following a joint meeting Feb. 24 of the Lithuanian haredi Orthodox Degel HaTorah and Hassidic Agudat Yisrael and the Sephardic Orthodox Shas parties. It was the first time the three rabbinic councils have met together, according to the Jerusalem Post.

In their statement, the rabbis called on “all yeshiva students not to enlist to the army in any way whatsoever, not to surrender to any blandishments and punishments, and not to cooperate with the army induction center for haredim, but instead to toil in their studies day and night.”

The rabbis reportedly have called for a mass prayer rally in two weeks against the new conscription bill being drafted by the Knesset’s Shaked committee that would levy criminal charges against yeshiva students who evade the draft. — jta


Posted by Dave Peters
03/01/2014  at  11:28 AM
It's political after all

The fatwa issued by Haredi authorities proves anew that the Ultra-Orthodox will play politics to preserve their privileges.
By this statement, they have again demonstrated that their goal is the maintenance of their exemptions from participating in Israeli society, under the guise of Torah study.
Calls for the merger of the two Chief Rabbi positions into one should be heeded; one Chief Rabbi (a Diaspora institution itself) would not be competing with himself to be more Jewish than his nonexistent counterpart.

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