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Kerry’s brother calls personal attacks ‘vile’

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In an op-ed for an Israeli newspaper, John Kerry’s brother recalled relatives who died in the Holocaust and labeled “vile” recent personal attacks on the secretary of state.

In the Feb. 14 issue of Yediot Achronot, Cameron Kerry described touring the Czech Republic last week with fellow members of his Boston congregation, Temple Israel, and saying Kaddish for siblings of the brothers’ grandmother who were murdered by the Nazis.

“These experiences and their deeply personal meaning for my family make it all the more disturbing that some have recently suggested that my brother, John Kerry, had expressed ‘anti-Semitic undertones’ in his pursuit of a framework for negotiations,” Cameron Kerry wrote.

The attacks to which Cameron Kerry referred came in recent weeks. Moti Yogev, a Knesset member in the governing coalition, said John Kerry’s mission had an “undertone of anti-Semitism.” Separately, a group of settler rabbis  said Kerry could face divine retribution for his mission.

Major U.S. Jewish organizations and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rebuked the attackers.

The Kerry brothers first learned that their paternal grandparents were Jewish in 2004, during John Kerry’s run for the presidency, when the Boston Globe uncovered his grandfather’s roots.

Cameron Kerry coincidentally had converted to Judaism and was active in the Jewish community. — jta


Posted by Dave Peters
02/21/2014  at  12:38 AM
Vile - no; True - yes

No matter what Cameron Kerry may contend, his brother’s checkered past as War Hero turned Anti-Vietnam War protester, who lied about throwing his Medal of Honor over the White House fence (it was not his he threw) and about war crimes he ‘knew’ were committed by American soldiers but he never witnessed, hardly makes him an honest broker in all this.
Their grandparents were apostates who lied about their origins, so I guess it runs in the family.
The very fact that he consults with Henry K (who himself avoids Israel) shows his predilection to self-aggrandizement, if not delusions of messiahhood, for bringing ‘peace’ to Israel and Palestine, the same as he negotiated the Iranian ‘agreement’ to cease uranium enrichment.

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