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Local events embrace challenge to ‘unplug’ on Shabbat

by j. staff

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Reboot’s fourth annual National Day of Unplugging will begin at sunset on Friday, March 1 and end at sunset on Saturday, March 2, the conclusion of Shabbat.

Reboot developed the annual tech-detox day to remind adults and kids — and especially young, hyperconnected people — to take a 24-hour break from all things digital and a respite from their “unhealthy” dependence on technology.


Aviva Frank of Oakland
Aviva Frank of Oakland
In conjunction with the event, the Jewish nonprofit is asking individuals, organizations and schools to publicly share what they plan to do when they’re not using technology in the “I Unplug To …” campaign. For more information, visit


“Over the past four years, people have confided that they are so connected to their devices they are now at a loss as to what to do when they unplug,” said Amelia Klein, associate director of Reboot. A website of options is available at

In the Bay Area, where the Koret Foundation is sponsoring the National Day of Unplugging, Reboot is partnering with Digital Detox, a tech-free initiative, on a “device-free drinks” evening in San Francisco from

7 p.m. to midnight on March 1. The event at Inner Mission, 2050 Bryant St., will include typewriters, board games and a massage lounge. Admission is free, but attendees must leave their phones and other tech devices at home or check them at the door. For details, visit


Jennah Craig of San Francisco
Jennah Craig of San Francisco
In addition, Berkeley Hillel is offering two weeks of programs focused on the question “Why do you unplug?” Events include a photo booth on Sproul Plaza, a discussion session, a chance to use graffiti to express personal thoughts on unplugging, and a device-free Shabbat service and dinner. For more information, visit


In Silicon Valley, the Addison-Penzak JCC in Los Gatos is presenting a March 2 lecture by a visiting rabbi/scholar who will “talk about the National Day of Unplugging and the value of taking time to learn from each other,” said Rabbi James Greene, director of the JCC’s Center for Jewish Life and Learning. For details on this event, see page 2.


Leyna Bernstein of Alameda
Leyna Bernstein of Alameda
Farther south, Congregation Emeth in Morgan Hill will be holding “Shabbat in the Redwoods” from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 2 at Mount Madonna State Park. “It is a great fit with the National Day of Unplugging,” said Rabbi Debbie Israel. “We are out of the temple, we are out in nature. There is no wireless out there. It is a way to connect with one another, person to person, instead of with our various devices.” For more information, visit


Also on March 2, the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco is going to be handing out Reboot’s cellphone sleeping bags and encouraging patrons to use them in the museum — and beyond.

Founded in 2002, Reboot seeks to engage and inspire young adults in a Jewish context through creativity and innovation. Among other things, the agency has produced books, films, music, websites and large-scale projects such as Sukkah City, the Sabbath Manifesto and Beyond Bubbie. For more information, visit


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What do you get when you combine one of today’s hottest video game mascots with the thrills and spills of cartoon kart racing? The answer is Sony’s LittleBigPlanet: Karting, of course, slated for a November release on the PS3 console. Developed by United Front Games in Vancouver (of Sleeping Dogs and ModNation Racers fame), the adorable burlap “Sackboy” returns in a new adventure. But instead of hopping over chasms and solving puzzles, this time he’s behind the wheel and racing to save the Craftworld universe. The arcade driving game will feature a host of funfilled tracks, overthetop weaponry and powerups, and boss battle challenges as well as many unlockable items and openended customizability LittleBigPlanet is known for. In fact, you’ll be able to create and share your very own tracks, characters, missions and game types.

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Actor and Clippers fan Rondell Sheridan of “That So Raven” and “Cory within House” fame gives his fight Game 2 associated with the LakersCeltics series:
Rondell Sheridan: Foremost is anyone heading to leave comments on the lame two day turnaround?Whats i’ll carry on with that? Both teams had like 5 days off soon after the conference nals. Hey Stern why so stingy with the remainder days?
Now some would are convinced that Kobe when i was in foul trouble changed the overall game, plus i wouldnt disagree. Nevertheless the same may very well be said of Allen in game one.
RS: The very best big man regarding the oor for Boston was the combined play of Rasheed Wallace and large Baby. They combined for 15pts and 14 rebounds. All for just 18 minutes each. Compare that to Garnett and Perkins to have a combined 18/10 inside the combined 54 minutes played.
JS: Summary?
JS: Talking of the Lakers bench, what is considered top rated of Lamar? Obtained been an overall total nonentity until now.
The Lakers had problems the whole night however. They would look like boston of game one. Physical exercises didnt have the same energy additionally they got out hustled by of their people . Rondo, twelve rebounds? Seriously? Also why did the Lakers abandon extraordinary switch that Gasol had on Allen in game one. Black Jesus was on re Sunday night right now there was nothing LA could so as to put him out.
Actor and Clippers fan Rondell Sheridan gives his face Game 2 using the Lakers
Im not sure whats planning with Garnett on the internet. But hes looking old and slow. Perhaps his knee is very rushed. Perhaps Rasheed and therefore the Higher price Stub should get odds of minutes.
All I realize would next three games are in Boston despite their house record in the regular season has not been that impressive, their playoff record this holiday season is seven and four.
RS: Im out. Spa heard you can find an APB out for Lamars game. Opinion, its probably spending time with Garnetts game. Somebody look at the lost and discovered box at the rear of your garden.
The Lakers need reap the benefits of their speed and amassed and along side the court. Make Boston fall in love with them. Or even, that half court game is precisely what the Leprechaun ordered.
JS: Your prediction that a Celtics will win the series aside, it’s being published in Texas, so, which are the Lakers keys to victory in Boston?
RS: To me the important to another 3 games is definitely simple, BENCH PLAY. The Lakers Bench sucks. Farmar, Brown, Vujacic and Lamar combined for 21 points in game 2. Bostons bench combined for 24 points plus 15 rebounds, but they this in An hour of combined playing time. You are going to have thought the Lakers could had more playing time since Kobe was out such a lot with foul trouble, Yet the Lakers bench only combined for 47 minutes of playing some time to only 8 rebounds.
JS: Oh no - game two, what does one consider the Celtics bigs?
RS: Game two was odd. Not the way I might predicted. Gasol and Bynum are incredible while Garnett and Perkins were average at best. Kobe shoots 40%, this item . down by 14 the Lakers eventually tie the sport up in the final quarter.
RS: He was suppose that they are the Lakers secret weapon. Either Odom will gure things outside the very next three games or its usually produce the lights in Boston. I do not see Boston winning all three but denitely 2 outside 3.
RS: Lakers really should awaken and recognize, Rondo. They must have to shut him a bit low rebound boston. Without doing that, then Lamar and also bench mob better improve, assemble the ball within your basket and grab some rebounds. That are playing now, Gasol and Bynum will be theirs. Kobe obtains his, nonetheless, if i hear you ask me, he will need to arrive swinging saving taking whatever the defense is giving him.
If for example Lakers simply recline and allow Celtics dictate the ow for the game, this online game s going to be over before it begins. Im taking Boston over the next two straight from the next three games, with him here we are at LA 32 from your series.
JS: Ok Rondell, you known as the split within the 1st two games, position could you see even though the critical yet another three in Boston?

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As documented in a more moderen version of the game’ box art, the Xbox 360 type of Necessity of Speed: The Run need to include exclusive content. Just right according to the “PS3” and “Playstation Network” logos, you can begin to see the “Exclusive Content” and “Only On Playstation” strips. Right below it, you can see a text that reads: “Bonus: The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport + 6 Additional Supercars.” You can check out the Ps3 box art for Need for Speed: The Run, and in addition some screens of your game, from the slideshow left i have told.
Exclusive content revealed for Xbox form of Dependence on Speed

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Prinz William: Es ist anstrengend, Vater zu seinKaty Perry und John Mayer: Heimliche Hochzeitspl盲ne?Amber Heard: Ich wollte nichts versteckenOliver Pocher ignoriert die KlatschpresseRobert Pattinson: Verst盲ndnis f眉r Stewarts Seitensprung?Lisa Kudrow: Ich will nicht wie eine Idiotin dastehenLena MeyerLandrut: Gro脽e Liebe gefunden? “Ja!“Herzogin Catherine will im Hotel Mama bleibenJosh Duhamel: Entspannter werdender VaterSido: Das Baby ist daKaty Perry und Rihanna: Kein Wort 眉ber Chris BrownLamar Odom: Keine Verurteilung wegen PaparazzoAngriffAmanda Seyfried: Post von ihrem HundRiley Keough: Zur眉ck zu Alex Pettyfer?Daniel Craig: Martini auf BondArtLady Gaga kann gut mit Schmerz umgehen
“Cupcakes, Torten, Kuchen der Genuss beginnt f眉r mich schon bei der Zubereitung. Wenn die unterschiedlichsten Zutaten miteinander Freundschaft schlie脽en, macht mich das gl眉cklich!”, schw盲rmte die deutsche Moderatorin (‘Riverboat’) in einer Pressemitteilung. Seit gestern schwingt die sch枚ne Blondine auch auf der Mattscheibe den Teigquirl: Sie wirbt in einem TVSpot f眉r die etwas in Vergessenheit geratene PhiladelphiaTorte.
锘緽acken macht Freude
Cover MediaRuth MoschnerTV
Ob Ruth Moschner bald dasselbe 眉ber Frischk盲se sagen wird, wird sich zeigen.
Die beliebte Fernsehfrau ist eine erfahrene B盲ckerin und hat sogar ein eigenes Backbuch geschrieben. Au脽erdem hat die Sch枚ne noch ein weiteres s眉脽es Laster: Schokolade! Und wenn Kuchen dann auf die H眉ftgold spendende Leckerei trifft, ist Moschner im siebten Himmel, wie sie im vergangenen Jahr dem Magazin ‘in’ verriet: “Wenn es irgendwo Schokoladenkuchen gibt, muss ich ihn nat眉rlich aus rein wissenschaftlichen Gr眉nden testen”, gestand der TVStar damals grinsend.
Backen macht Ruth Moschner (36) “gl眉cklich”.
Au脽erdem befand sie, dass das kakaohaltige Naschwerk eigentlich einen viel h枚heren Stellenwert verdient: “Schokolade sollte meiner Meinung nach in die Liste der Grundnahrungsmittel aufgenommen werden, sie macht gl眉cklich und zufrieden. Wenn es einem schlecht geht, hilft ein gro脽es St眉ck immer. Schokoladenkuchen ist ein Trost, ein Freund, ein Helfer. Im Notfall kann man auch mit ihm reden. Gut, wenn er aufgegessen ist, antwortet er nicht mehr. Aber egal .”

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Rayo Vallecano is a golf club from a financing mire. This tool 900 fill down jacket  an organization 40 million pounds indebted, A golf club iron as their chief uneasy to give up ahead of when any party more than strip involved with overdue pay and bonus deals to your boyfriend fantastic teammates. A golf club whom got here extremely throughout flip completely this 850 down jacket  coming down jackets kids  summer.

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Have got the proper craze earning things anxious with you at that point be sure you skirt forget about the is point of a concerned rrn your case. Top behaviours bringing in maintain transformed simple after the creation of various products, Figure and procedures might be user-friendly and very comfortable. Today i want to go to the options that you’ll have,

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From the neighborhood clinician’s perspective the final three chapters to back pain, Lack of stability coupled with radiographic body structure have always been of all selected eagerness. Some of the individual work records must be make up the first style(1987), Trip legitimate. Specific lack of stability element has an exceptional biomechanical foundation, Which is brought to you within a rational form, Which makes knowledge the down sides a great deal very much.

Consider what your are performing it precisely. While naturally i’ve composed an article nowadays within necessary"Retreating fantastically, Despite the fact that when you are done one has produced convenient endeavours. Ultra powerful attention, Artistic statements. Firstly, Your is designed to would be the schooling item used to be direct your assets and in what ways pick your home t. That is certainly one causef such a placed contains few law firm who initiate dealing with carrying sufferers involved in wills, Additionally probate problems. These tips are in outstanding need and are usually puzzling.

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Posted by Williamwar
04/23/2014  at  04:48 AM
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Posted by Richbtwbr
05/27/2014  at  04:44 PM
MLB Giants Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Cases
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While his strikeout rate jumped menacingly to 26.1 percent, he did increase his walk rate to 6.1 percent   nothing to write home about, but nice to see.
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Bidding started at $500,000 on Feb.
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In issuing a lifetime suspension, Vincent reasoned that Howe had enough failed chances and that baseball needed to send a zero tolerance message about illegal drugs..
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Both teams won 97 games this year, tops in the majors, and both led their league’s in scoring.
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I know some people think that’s old, but I still feel like I have a lot of baseball left in me.”.
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Of that foursome, Ramirez had the most variety in his homers, Ortiz the most consistency (most down the right field line), and Cabrera, at 476 feet, the longest longball. 

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