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In Israel, U.S. senator calls for cutting foreign aid

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Sen. Rand Paul called for a reduction of foreign assistance during a visit to Israel.

Paul (R-Ky.), who opposes foreign assistance, including defense aid to Israel, told the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies on Jan. 7 that the United States will always be Israel’s friend but that “it will be harder and harder to be a friend if we are out of money.”

Paul, one of four new Republicans appointed to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the United States should start cutting its foreign assistance by ending foreign aid to countries not friendly to Israel.

Israel receives about $3 billion a year in military aid from the United States. The majority of the aid must be spent in the United States.

Paul is visiting Israel with a group of evangelical Christians. He is believed to be considering a presidential run in 2016. — jta


Posted by Jack Kessler
01/10/2013  at  07:49 PM
An Isolationist on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee?

I am speechless at the stupidity of this committee assignment.  How about a flat-earther on the Science and Technology committee that oversees NASA?

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Posted by rocky
01/11/2013  at  07:53 AM
I am not speechless

The Federal government’s budget is in terrible shape and is worse now than when Ross Perot talked about his crazy aunt in the attic in the 1992 presidential election campaign. Congress should have included a phase out of Middle East aid starting in 1993, but the Jewish lobby was too powerful to allow it to happen. Let’s not mince words. AIPAC is considered by people who follow Washinton politics to rank right up there in influence with the NRA, AARP, Big Pharma, the Farm Bureaus and the AFL.

My Galicianer relatives had nothing to do with Germany’s defeat in WWI, the collapse of the German mark in 1923 or the onset of the Great Depression. But they became part of the collateral damage when the Nazis and their helpers staged a series of raids in the town in the fall of 1942. Almost none of them survived the war.

Israel is a relatively prosperous country these days. It has its own share of billionaires. It can get by without handouts from a near bankrupt US. But the Haredi need to do their part in the IDF and in the overall economy. They need to get off the dole and go to work. Their children need to get good secular educations. If the Haredi don’t mend their ways, Israel will fail in no more than two generations.

Tens of millions of Americans have been hurt very badly financially in the past few years. The American Jewish establishment ignores these developments at its peril.

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