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Islamic Jihad leaders killed in Israeli strike

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As Hamas’ leader in exile, Khaled Mashaal, brushed off a halt to rocket fire, Israeli air strikes hit a Gaza media center and killed several leaders of Islamic Jihad.

The Israel air force strike on Nov. 19 — the second on the center in two days — killed Ramaz Harab, a top leader of Islamic Jihad’s military wing, the Al Quds Brigades. At least three other Islamic Jihad leaders were in the building when it was hit, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

Hamas’ main television station, Al Aksa, is located on the top floor of the high-rise building.

In an hourlong news conference in Cairo on Nov. 19, meanwhile, Mashaal said, “Whoever started the war must end it.”

Mashaal, speaking before the cease-fire was announced, said there is a new spirit of cooperation among Palestinian factions due to the Israeli operation, which began on Nov. 14.

“Israel is the common enemy. Confrontation with the enemy is our moment of truth,” he said. “We must end the political divide and unite around common institutions and around resistance to Israel. Our enemy cannot be treated with words, but only by force. No concessions should be made with Israel, given the new atmosphere in the Arab world.” — jta


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