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Israeli, U.S. troops test-launch Patriot missiles

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Israeli and U.S. troops launched four Patriot missiles at decoy enemy missiles over the Mediterranean Sea on Nov. 12.

The launches were the last stages of Austere Challenge 12, a training exercise designed to increase military cooperation between the United States and Israel. The three-week exercise, which began last month and involves more than 2,500 American service personnel and 1,000 Israeli soldiers, is considered the largest joint exercise ever between the two countries.

The missiles were launched from Palmachim air force base in central Israel, located south of Tel Aviv.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak noted at the base that Israel has been using its Iron Dome system to protect against a barrage of short-range missiles coming from the Gaza Strip.

“We hope that [this escalation] will be over quickly without a need to broaden it or intensify it,” he said. — jta


Posted by paul
11/20/2012  at  01:15 PM
Thank you Israel

Kudos and bravado to the State of Israel for killing Jabari. Jabari was the top head person of Hamas. He was a Ben Laden #2. Israel is doing absolutely a good job by stopping rockets raining from Hamas on Israeli cities and citizens. Israel has to finish the job with Hamas and take them all out and disarm. Hamas is responsable for killing Israelis including, men, women and children. Hamas hands are dirty in human blood. I know for sure who support Hamas. Hamas has financial and military support from Russia, Iran, Syria,etc. The United States and all of us, must continue to support Israel because, this is our homeland. When Israel was created, there was no Palestine. Palestinians, are invented people. They don’t want peace with Israel. Hamas and their followers are committed to destroy Jewish Homeland. I pray that Prime Minister Nataniyagu, will disarm Hamas. I pray that Israeli Army, will be able to find all of the Hamas members and take them all out and kill them. Let me tell you what I know about Judaism. Torah says, if some body attack me then, I have a right to defend myself. Torah says, if some body attack Israel then, Israel has a right to defend itself. defend the State and it’s citizens. Nice hit! Destroy Hamas and take them all out! I wish Israel to be strong at this critical time.

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