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When enough is enough, Israel must go on offensive

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With its assassination this week of Hamas leader Ahmed Jabari and the launch of Operation Pillar of Defense, Israel has rid the world of a monster and significantly degraded the terror infrastructure in Gaza. But it must now brace for fierce, bloody retaliation.

This is a fight Hamas has brought on itself. Though it barely made the news in our corner of the world, Israel had been under dramatically increased missile fire in recent weeks. More than 150 Hamas rockets exploded inside Israel in the five days prior to the Israel Defense Forces operation.

Since the start of the year, Hamas has rained down more than 800 rockets on civilians — 12,000 in the last 12 years.

As in the months leading up to the launch of Operation Cast Lead in late 2008, the situation had grown intolerable. Israel had no choice but to respond.

Jabari was a senior leader of Hamas’ militant wing, the man responsible for the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, the man who bragged that his militants collectively murdered 569 Israeli civilians.

According to reports from the Jerusalem Post, IDF strikes also took out 20 missile launchers capable of sending rockets to Tel Aviv. A spokesman told that newspaper that the IDF eliminated “the majority of the long-range threat.”

Nevertheless, as predictable as the tides, global condemnation of Israeli aggression is sure to follow.

Israel must not be deterred. If the threat of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other Gaza-based terror groups can be reduced or eliminated, then Israel must act.

Though this outbreak is grabbing most of the headlines, we also note the spike in military incidents along the Syrian border, including errant missiles landing in the Golan Heights.

The Syrian civil war has been spiraling out of control for months, bringing chaos much too close to this normally quiet Israeli border. This, too, cannot go on.

And then there is the vote in the United Nations General Assembly later this month on whether to recognize Palestinian statehood. The proposal will likely pass, throwing a major wrench into the peace process.

How Israel responds to this end-run around bilateral negotiations is anyone’s guess, but it likely won’t be warm and fuzzy.

Israelis know they live in one of the world’s toughest neighborhoods. Going to war is a last resort, but unfortunately Israel too often finds itself facing that stark choice.

The world is a better place without Jabari. The launchers had to be destroyed. Israel did the right thing, and we stand solidly together at this time.


Posted by Frank
11/17/2012  at  04:05 AM
Prepare for the lefty attacks

Not only will the words “Muslim Terrorists” never be heard, but the lefty media, such as the NY Times, LA Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, AP, BBC, and of course the SF Chronicle, and all the other Jew-haters, will be propagandizing with staged photos and videos of “palestinian” “civilian” “victims”.

Its already begun, with comparisons of the number of dead, wailing about the previous war with Hamas in Gaza, and “reporters” creating moral equivalence between Muslim Terrorists and their Jewish victims.

Now that Obama has allowed the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood to take control of Egypt, which supports its offshoot, terrorist Hamas, the situation is infinitely worse.

But the overwhelming existential danger remains Iran’s nukes, and Obama’s using this as political cover for allowing Iran its nukes.  Terrorist missiles are not an existential danger.  Iranian nuclear weapons are, and yet appallingly, most American Jews voted for the man who will sell Israel down the river.

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Posted by craven_maven
11/17/2012  at  09:02 AM
Obama is no friend of Israel. Regional war?

Israel has hardly started to defend itself and Obama is already trying to tie it down. From today’s “J”:

Obama, Netanyahu talk ‘de-escalation’

WASHINGTON (JTA)—President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed “de-escalation” of the Gaza conflict.

… The reference to de-escalation came the same day that Netanyahu appeared ready to expand the operation into a ground war, as Palestinian rockets for the

first time reached the outskirts of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Words are cheap. Ever the slick, deceptive politician, Obama gives lip-service to supporting Israel, but in fact doesn’t. Is Obama asking the Arabs to stop

firing into Israel?

So far, even the EU has taken the position that the Arabs are at fault for this conflict. But watch, that won’t last long. As soon as Israel starts taking

effective military action against its enemy, as soon as Israel starts to effectively defend itself, and as soon as Arab propaganda fires up, including

falsified videos of injured Arab children, such as those already aired on CNN and available on YouTube, the world will change its tune. Obama and the EU

will start pressuring Israel to give up, to lie down and take it.

Of course, there will endless censures from the UN and Sec. Gen. Ban-ki Moon.

And never mind the leftists the world over: they’ll start hitting the streets in demonstrations against Jews and Israel, including, of course, here in the

Bay Area.

This will be bloody, as Hamas uses civilian shields, even as it makes videos of its civilians, esp. children, getting hurt. The purpose of this will be to

inflame anti-Israel and anti-American passions the world over, among Muslims and Leftists. Already there are Arab Muslim demonstrations in Cairo. This will

only spread, as it did on 9/11.

Will there be a regional war? Now that Israel is preoccupied with Gaza, will Hezbollah in Lebanon or the Syrians—both Iran’s proxies and dedicated like

Iran to the annihilation of Israel and Jews worldwide—use this as an opportunity to attack Israel?

Rockets are already being fired into Israel from the Sinai, of course with the tacit consent of Morsi’s Muslim-Brotherhood regime—Morsi just made a trip

to Gaza in a show of support.

The harsh reality is that there can be no negotiated settlement of this conflict. Hamas, also Iran’s proxy, is dedicated, like Iran, to the annihilation of

Israel and Jews worldwide. Israel MUST destroy its enemy, as it should have done 12/08 – 12/09, when it last had to go into Gaza.

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Posted by Michael Harris
11/17/2012  at  05:39 PM
well, MOST of us stand solidly together

The great majority of us do stand together with Israel. Jewish Voice for Peace, on the other hand, co-sponsored a hate rally last night in SF that featured the usual “intifada, intifada” and “from the river to the sea” chants, andchants that justified Hamas rockets as “resistance to occupation”.  Check out some of the blatant anti-Semitism here:

JVP of course had been silent about rocket attacks aimed at Israeli civilians.

Interestingly enough, JVP’s own “talking points for demonstrations” ( are notable for the absence of two fairly important words “Hamas” and “rockets”. 

And they still wonder why the overwhleming majority of the community treats them as pariahs.

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Posted by Frank
11/19/2012  at  04:15 AM
Enough is enough! Obama is already pressuring Israel not to protect its citizens

When it comes to Obama, enough is enough!

It didn’t take long for Obama’s to express his enmity toward Israel by trying to prevent her from taking the necessary military action to save its citizens from the muslim Terrorist siege, as thousands of Terrorist rockets rain down on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem:

“Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman conferred urgently Sunday night, Nov. 18 – Day 5 of the Gaza offensive – on how to respond to US President Barack Obama’s insistent demand that they delay a major IDF ground operation in the Gaza Strip.
debkafile’s sources disclose that when Obama spoke to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi Friday, Nov. 16 - after receiving an update from Netanyahu - he gave him a 48-hour window for talking Hamas around to a ceasefire.

Not only has the Egyptian president failed in this task, his bid made matters worse: Hamas understood the US president was leaning hard on Israel to refrain from sending troops into the Gaza Strip and took advantage of the respite to redouble its missile barrage on a dozen Israeli locations in the last three days, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.”

Now lets see JWeekly strongly criticize Obama for his mistreatment of Israel.

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Posted by Frank
11/19/2012  at  10:53 AM
Anti-Semitic CNN already airing long propaganda attacks

As expected, its already begun.

Anti-Israel/pro-“palestinian” CNN is already airing long accusatory, dramatically narrated tear-jerking video featuring alleged dead palestinian babies, it claims were killed by the IDF.  (The CNN narrator presents the “innocent” parents, of course without any explanation of why they were keeping their alleged children at a terrorist missile launching site.  The alleged “mother” can only be seen through a one-inch slit in her black burka, and the entire video is directed by the CNN “correspondent”.)

The leftist anti-Israel propagandists are complicit in the muslim Terrorists’ war on Israel and are, as usual, engaged in their media war against Israel.

We can expect to see a lot of these vile lefty propaganda attacks on Israel, meant to demonize Israel and sympathize with the Hamas terrorists, in the coming days.

The usual Israel-hating lefty culprits, such as the NY Times, LA Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, AP, BBC, PBS, and of course the SF Chronicle, will spew their anti-Israel propaganda.

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Posted by craven_maven
11/19/2012  at  03:52 PM
Obama is no friend of Israel

Admin Won’t Criticize Turkey’s Accusation that ‘Israel Is a Terrorist State’

AP reporter to State spox: ‘You’re being silent while people are dying left and right’

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Posted by craven_maven
11/19/2012  at  03:58 PM
I hear Anderson Cooper is

I hear Anderson Cooper is in Gaza. Maybe the IDF can find him and drop a bomb on his head.

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Posted by Frank
11/20/2012  at  01:04 AM
Anti-Semitic CNN shoots itself in the foot

CNN’s propaganda antisemitic extravaganza blaming Israel for dead “palestinian” children turned out to be caused by HAMAS ROCKETS!

How embarrassing for CNN!  CNN was trying to demonize Israel for killing the Hamas’ terrorists’ children, but the truth was that Hamas rockets killed them.
AND that is the point:

When “palestinians” intentionally fire rockets from hospitals, from schools and from the roofs of apartment buildings, “palestinians are intentionally killing their own children, for the express purpose of using them as propaganda props.

These “palestinian” savages, these barbarians, these vile terrorists, raise their children to murder Jews and blow themselves up as “martyrs” in order to murder Jews.  And their parents murder their own children for terrorist propaganda.

And CNN is intentionally complicit. 

CNN is a terrorist-supporting antisemitic organization, as are all the leftist media that supports and conspire and cooperates with the terrorists to encourage the terrorists to kill their own children and demonize the Jewish State of Israel.

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Posted by Frank
11/20/2012  at  01:30 AM
CNN's Pierce Morgan

Clearly a vile lefty hater of Israel.

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Posted by craven_maven
11/20/2012  at  10:43 AM
Bad News: CNN & Hilary

Luckily, not many people watch CNN, esp. Morgan or Cooper. Only MSNBC has lower ratings.

Last night Morgan held a round table discussion about Hamas, in which a contributor—identified as someone who “knows” Hamas well and often deals with them directly—characterized Hamas leaders, not as thugs, but as well-educated and enlightened. No mention was made, of course, of how in 2006, after Hamas won the election in Gaza, it threw opposing Palestinian Authority members off roofs and executed them in front of their families. No mention was made of how
Hamas deals with anyone who dares dissent, namely, Hamas “disappears” them.

When he interviewed Netanyahu, Morgan was downright uncivil to him, barely able to constrain his hate.


Hilary Clinton mediating a cease fire can only bode ill for Israel:

One, Hamas has never honored any cease fire ever, and instead has used them only to regroup and rearm.

Two, Clinton is likely to try to extract concessions from Israel, such ending the blockade of Gaza and targeted assassinations. This would in effect reward Hamas for its terrorism and rocket attacks.

The standard pressure applied against Israel by US administrations unfriendly to Israel—one already applied in the past by Obama—is to threaten to diminish or eliminate entirely military parts and supplies, esp. for Israel’s military jets.

And let’s not forget that Obama’s misguided Middle East policies directly contributed to this current crisis, to Hamas escalating its rocket attacks. It was Obama undercutting Mubarak and Qaddafi which led to sharply increased smuggling of rockets from Egypt and Libya into Gaza.

Odd, how the aggressor in the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Arab, ALWAYS makes himself appear to be the victim, with the willing compliance of the world press and world opinion.

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