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Every vote counts — make sure yours is one of them

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After the endless speeches and ads, debates and punditry, all the noise soon will cease. On Tuesday, Nov. 6 it will be just you, alone in the voting booth, choosing America’s future.

Although the same may be said every four years, with so much at stake now, this particular Election Day truly matters. Which is why every eligible voter should get to the polls.

We know our readers do not need any extra coaxing to exercise their right. That famously decisive Jewish vote we hear so much about? It’s you.

This publication has always maintained a strict nonpartisan stance when it comes to candidates. That does not mean we do not care about elections or their outcomes. Far from it. From municipal issues to electing a president, the weighty matters before voters this season impact every one of us.

On the state ballot next week are issues of import, many of which have been debated in j.’s op-ed pages: whether to continue the death penalty; whether to increase taxes to fund public education; whether to strengthen or weaken unions; and whether to increase penalties for the crime of human trafficking.

And at the top of the ballot, we have a dramatic choice between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

No reader should pay attention to those who say that any single vote for president does not matter in this very blue state of California, because the outcome is preordained. No outcome is in the bag or, conversely, out of reach for any candidate unless voters stay home. So, yes, your vote counts.

Though we don’t take positions on partisan politics, one thing we have to weigh in on is the effort taking place around the country to disenfranchise some citizens or to suppress the vote via ridiculously strict voter ID laws.

While it certainly is proper to make sure elections are accurate and that all voters are legitimate, many of these requirements — especially those rushed into law late in the election season — arguably are designed to curtail the franchise for whole classes of citizens.

Factor in that the purported impetus for these laws, namely voter fraud, is statistically a non-problem, and we have afoot an insidious movement to strip certain citizens of their most fundamental right in a democracy.

Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives should all agree that this type of underhanded maneuvering has no place in America.

Meanwhile, here in the Golden State, all we have to do is show up. Make sure your voice is heard Nov. 6.


Posted by concerned
11/04/2012  at  03:39 PM
In a time of existential crisis

With the future of the Jewish people hanging in the balance, this “strictly non-partisan” “Jewish” paper takes a stand against the Jewish people.

At a time when Israel’s destruction is threatened by an evil Islamic-fascist state on the verge of nuclear weapons with which it boldly states it seeks to incinerate Israel, every “Jewish” group should be taking a stand against Obama.  Every “Jewish” paper should be urging American Jews to attempt to save our people by voting him out of office.

Any American Jew who cares for our people knows that Obama cannot be entrusted with the survival of Israel – to fulfill his weasel-worded claim that he will bomb Iran’s nukes.  He has repeatedly LIED to the Jewish people about his “support” of Israel to get their votes. 

Obama has proven himself to be the most blatantly dangerously anti-Israel US president in history, actively attacking her for four years, and causing untold damage with his appeasing foreign policy.

The American Jewish institutions are infected with a cancer of “progressivism” – the extreme leftist politics which places its extreme partisan agendas before the welfare of the Jewish people.  This is reflected in the “position” of this publication when it comes to the most crucial issue to face the Jewish people in a generation.  The consequence of Iranian nuclear weapons is terrifying – threatening a second Holocaust.
All this is ignored by those “progressives” who control this and other “Jewish” publications, who instead absurdly attempt to distract American Jews – who they must consider fools - with “issues” like “weaker unions” or “funding education” more, or attacking some states’ voter-ID legislation. 

Imagine yourself looking back after Iran obtains and uses its nuclear weapons, at having cast your vote for the candidate who allowed this to occur, because of those small partisan issues.

This is a moment of crisis, of grave danger to the Jewish people, when American Jews can at least try to make a difference.  There was a time in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s when the world had the opportunity to attempt to save the Jewish people. 

The question which we used to, and in this dangerous world should still be asking, is “what is best for the Jews”?  Individually and collectively, as Jews our first responsibility is to ourselves and our people.

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