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Israel stops Gaza-bound ship

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Israeli naval commandos stopped a Swedish-owned sailing vessel attempting to break the Gaza blockade Oct. 20.

The boarding took place without incident after the Estelle, which flew a Finnish flag, ignored calls to change course. The passengers were offered food and drink and checked to make sure they were healthy. The ship carried up to 30 activists from Canada, Norway, Sweden, Israel and the United States, including members of parliament of four European countries.

The boat reportedly was carrying humanitarian aid such as cement, basketballs and musical instruments. The IDF told Ynet that an initial search of the boat, which was taken to the Ashdod port, did not turn up any such items.  — jta


Posted by paul
10/25/2012  at  05:47 PM
I love Israel

Israel did the right thing by stopping the ship. Any body can say that there were no guns and no weapons. But, where are the facts? Can you imagine what would happen if Israel wouldn’t stop the ship and if that ship would be full of guns and weapons? All of this would to the hands of Hamas and it would be more blood on Israeli side. We must stand up for Israel.

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