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Hateful acts demand forceful action

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There is a specter haunting Europe — Islamic radicalism coupled with homicidal hatred of Jews.

Last weekend, French police busted up an Islamic terror cell bent on committing acts of violence against Jews. Authorities believe this is the cell responsible for an explosive device thrown into a kosher market near Paris. The ringleader was killed in the raid, and valuable intelligence captured.

If only that were the end of the story.

According to figures cited in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, anti-Semitic acts in France increased 45 percent this year, including 101 acts of violence, graffiti and vandalism, and nearly three times that in threats.

The very same day as the French police raid, blank bullets were shot at a Paris-area synagogue. Most hideous of all was the murder spree last March, during which jihadist Mohammed Merah gunned down children and a teacher at a Toulouse Jewish day school, as well as several French soldiers.

French authorities are saying the right things. President Francois Hollande met with Jewish community leaders and pledged to fight anti-Semitism “with the greatest firmness.” He also promised beefed-up security at Jewish institutions.

France is not the only locus of rising anti-Semitism. In Hungary, the anti-Semitic Jobbik party has gained dozens of seats in parliament, while a new Anti-Defamation League poll finds a majority of Hungarians hold anti-Semitic views.

Thugs in Vienna attacked Jewish religious leaders last summer. Attacks are up in Poland and Ukraine.

In Italy this past August, citizens of the town of Affile erected a statue in honor of Rodolfo Graziani, a fascist leader known as the Butcher of Ethiopia for ordering mass executions in North Africa during World War II.

Fortunately, there is pushback against these ugly developments.

In Sweden last weekend, hundreds of Jews and non-Jews organized a “kippah march” in the city of Malmo to protest anti-Semitism in their country. The Swedish minister for European affairs was among the marchers.

In Berlin last month, after the beating of a rabbi walking with his young daughter, scores of politicians, artists and others staged a citywide “kippah flash mob,” for which they donned yarmulkes en masse.

These are welcome signs of solidarity. Such social actions, coupled with increased security, may stem the rising tide of Europe’s anti-Semitic violence.

Stem, but not stop. Even now, with the Holocaust still within living memory, the battle against the sickness of anti-Semitism continues. On the continent where history’s greatest crime took place, we must remain ever vigilant.


Posted by craven_maven
10/14/2012  at  09:11 AM
Not Just Islamism

It’s not just Islamism which is threatening Jews and Judaism world-wide. It’s leftism, with its division and understanding of the world according to race, gender and class. Obama’s antipathy to Israel has to be understood in these terms. And one has to look no further than UC, Berkeley to find open antagonism of Jews by faculty and students alike.

It isn’t just Islam which is the enemy of Jews. It is leftism, with its calls for boycott, divestment and sanctions, so popular among academics, intellectuals, entertainers and the cultural elite, especially in Europe, especially in Britain.

As an example, it isn’t just the Muslims of Malmo, Sweden, but the cultural elite of Sweden.

From “J.” 10/12/12:

Swedish government body funding book on Israeli ‘apartheid’

(JTA)—The Swedish Arts Council is sponsoring and distributing a new book which presents Israel as a racist entity comparable to apartheid South Africa.

The council, a government body, has allocated $8,985 toward publishing and distributing “The bride is beautiful but she is married to another man – Zionism—an ideology at the end of the road?”, the council told JTA this week. The decision was made last month.

The book by Ingmar Karlsson, a retired senior Swedish diplomat, states: “The fundamental difference between South African and Zionist colonialism is the former wanted land and people while the latter only wanted land.”

Published earlier this year, the book also states that in Israel—where Arabic is an official state language—“Hebrew has a special status, with no consideration” for Arabic as “the area’s original language.”

A committee of the council selected the book out of 1,600 applications for its “high quality in terms of content, from both a technical and editorial viewpoint” and “the reliability of the facts,” among other considerations, Maria Agren of the council wrote in an email to JTA.

The book contains a quote attributed to Theodor Herzl which the Stockholm-based Swedish Israel Information Center claims is a forgery: “It is essential that the sufferings of Jews become worse. This will assist in the realization of our plans. I have an excellent idea. I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth.”

Lisa Abramowicz, the center’s secretary general, has said the book reminded her of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Contacted by phone by JTA, Karlsson declined to comment to these claims. Last month, in a letter to the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, he said the quote appeared on True Torah Jews—an anti-Semitic website which describes actions by Adolf Hitler as a “direct response to the declaration of war on Germany by the worldwide Jewish leadership.”

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Posted by craven_maven
10/14/2012  at  05:09 PM
Jewish Liberalism is Unwittingly Aiding in Destruction of Jews

How long before liberal Jews, so prevelant in the Bay Area, understand that their very liberalism is encouraging and facilitating their own destruction?

From today’s “J”:

Jewish man knocked unconscious in Paris metro

MARSEILLE, France (JTA)—A Jewish man was attacked and rendered unconscious in a Paris metro, a local watchdog reported.

The 52-year-old victim entered the subway directly from his synagogue but wore no markings that would identify him as Jewish, according to a report on the late September incident by the National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, or BNVCA, a nonprofit watchdog organization. The incident occurred on the eve of Rosh Hashanah.

He may have been targeted because of a Jewish philosophy book by the chief rabbi of Paris that he was reading in the metro when he was attacked, the report said.

The attackers, who are unknown, knocked the man unconscious with a sharp blow to his temple and did not steal anything from him as he lay unconscious on the subway floor. He sustained minor injuries. 

A female passenger found the man lying on the floor and moved him out of the vehicle at Miromesnil station, near Champs-Elysees.

“It is clear from the pattern of incidents we are seeing that this was in all likelihood an anti-Semitic attack,” BNVCA President Sammy Ghozlan told JTA.

Last week, the security unit of France’s Jewish community, SPCJ, reported a 45 percent rise in anti-Semitic incidents during the first eight months of 2012 in comparison with their 2011 level of 266 incidents. SPCJ also reported three separate attacks that occurred during the High Holidays.

Go on, Jew, go on and vote for Obama, 20-year loyal affiliate of Trinity United Church, in turn affiliate of the Nation of Islam ...

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Posted by craven_maven
10/16/2012  at  09:56 AM
French Jews denounce 'anti-Semitic' flood on Twitter

French anti-racist and Jewish organisations on Monday condemned what they called a wave of anti-Semitism sweeping over the micro-blogging site Twitter using the hashtag #unbonjuif.

AFP - French anti-racist and Jewish organisations on Monday condemned what they called a wave of anti-Semitism sweeping over the micro-blogging site Twitter using the hashtag #unbonjuif.

The hashtag—which in English means a good Jew—has been one of the top trending words on French language tweets in recent days and is often followed by offensive comments such as “A good Jew can pump up your tyre with his nose”.

Anti-racist groups MRAP and SOS Racisme joined the CRIF, the umbrella group representing French Jewish communities, in expressing outrage and promising to sue people sending anti-Semitic tweets.

MRAP said in a statement that Twitter should “take the appropriate measures” to end what it called a “flood of anti-Semitism” and said it was proposing to meet with executives from the firm.

The statements came as French authorities remain on alert after a sweep this month that left one man dead and several others in detention on suspicion of being involved in the bombing of a Jewish shop or of planning other anti-Semitic attacks.

President Francois Hollande vowed after the arrests to step up security measures for the Jewish community in France, the largest in Europe.

France’s SPCJ Jewish security watchdog said last week that anti-Semitic acts surged by 45 percent in the first eight months of this year and were given new impetus by deadly attacks in March by Islamic extremist Mohamed Merah.

Merah went on a shooting rampage in and around the southern city of Toulouse, killing a rabbi, three Jewish children and three French paratroopers before being shot dead in a police siege.

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