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Report: Israel, U.S. consider ‘surgical strike’ on Iran

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Israel and the United States are considering a joint “surgical strike” targeting Iranian uranium enrichment facilities, according to a source close to the Obama administration.

David Rothkopf, an international relations expert writing in Foreign Policy, cited the source, a former Clinton administration official close to the discussions between Israel and the Obama administration, as saying the strike would take a couple of hours in the best case and a day or two overall.

The source said the strike would be conducted by air, primarily using bombers and drone support.

Rothkopf’s article said there is not “exact agreement on what constitutes a ‘red line,’ [but] the military option being advocated by the Israelis is considerably more limited and lower risk than some of those that have been publicly debated.”

The surgical strike option could not be conducted by the Israelis alone, Rothkopf wrote. To reach Iran’s underground uranium enrichment facility at Fordow, the attack would require bunker-busting bombs that Israeli planes are not equipped to carry.

“The mission, therefore, must involve the United States, whether acting alone or in concert with the Israelis and others,” Rothkopf wrote. — jta


Posted by Frank
10/12/2012  at  12:26 AM
Is anyone really fooled?

Obama is desperate to hold the Jewish vote for just a few more weeks, after which he will complete his throwing Israel under the bus. 

Thus, his campaign plants “stories” like these from an undisclosed “source” a few weeks before the election.

Obama has a history of dishonesty in his political career.

As his surrogates, and his history of duplicity concerning Israel have made clear, Obama has no real intention on bombing Iran.

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Posted by Jack Kessler
10/12/2012  at  11:47 AM
I am sorry....

to have to agree with Frank, the comment writer above me, but what he wrote sounds exactly right.  Unsourced reports like this one are exactly the sort of election ploy one expects in the last-ditch days of a campaign.  It also contradicts prior Administration statements that they would not bomb Iran.

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