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AJC poll shows 65 percent of Jews support Obama

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A new American Jewish Committee poll found 65 percent of Jews nationwide plan to vote for President Obama versus 24 percent for Mitt Romney, with another 10 percent undecided.

The poll, conducted Sept. 6-17 among 1,040 Jewish voters nationwide, found Obama doing better than Romney among Jews of all religious backgrounds with the exception of the Orthodox, who favored the Republican nominee.

Taking into account the poll’s 5 percent margin of error, the overall finding is similar to other recent polling from Gallup and elsewhere. Another recent poll by the AJC of registered Jewish voters in Florida found 69 percent supporting Obama and 25 percent for Romney.

According to the new survey, Reform Jews favored Obama over Romney 68 percent to 23 percent, Conservative Jews 64 percent to 23 percent, and those identifying as “just Jewish” 68 percent to 19 percent. Orthodox Jews, by contrast, favor Romney 54 percent to 40 percent for Obama.

Israel came in fourth among issues that respondents listed as “most important” to them, with 61.5 percent listing the economy. — jta


Posted by Frank
10/05/2012  at  11:02 PM
What a pathetic commentary

But, we shall see.  What Jews tell pollsters may not be what they do when actually faced with their conscience in the voting booth.

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