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Swedish ‘flotilla’ headed to Gaza


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A new “flotilla” ship is making its way toward the Gaza Strip as pro-Palestinian European activists continue to protest Israel’s blockade of the Palestinian enclave.

A handful of activists on the sailing ship Estelle plan to embark for Gaza from Italy by the end of the week. The Estelle is sailing under a Swedish flag.

The activists originally set sail from Sweden in June, docking in various European harbors along the way, hoping to raise awareness and gain participants.

The ship is believed to be carrying equipment meant for the “Gaza Ark” project, a Canadian initiative to build a ship in Gaza that would carry Palestinian exports outside the strip’s waters.

Among the activists — who for the most part are Swedish — is Israeli expatriate Dror Feiler, who also took part in the 2010 Marmara flotilla.

Israeli authorities have been monitoring the group since it left Sweden. —


Posted by Jack Kessler
10/05/2012  at  01:22 PM
One has to wonder...

One has to wonder whether, when the flotilla left Sweden, they left from the port of Malmo.  Malmo is the anti-semitism capital of Europe, where the synagogue was burned down with no official interference and no no official investigation.  Nor has there been any action by the Swedish central government. 

Sweden is one tenth Muslim and the Muslim portion of the population is increasing exponentially faster than the non-Muslims.  When one speaks of “Eurabia”, Sweden is perhaps the most advanced case of it.

And in the flotilla we see the political results of the Islamization of Europe.  I have been to Sweden years ago and I can tell you that the country is flat, the people are dull, and there is no real good reason to spend even one tourist dollar there.

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